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Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Bunny 2011

Hi all! Just a very quick post.. Here's my entry for Nail Art Express Chinese New Year Nail Art Contest.. How to vote: simply leave a comment stating the number of two of your favourite entries.
You can vote for me if you like my entry number is NO.1 thanks so much guys! God Bless!
I named it “Happy Bunny 2011″ I used “color club art of seduction” for the base coat, then I stamped it twice with HB 31 image plate to make the design full… I used chg 2030 for stamping, after that, I sponged 2 black dots, then stamped again with H19 image plate (the chinese character which means “Happiness” in english word). I used white special polish, and last but not the list, I stamped B104 image plate bunny design,I used dotting tool for the bunny eyes and apply top coat.


  1. Gorgeous.. Rabbit year is my year..Yay!!.. How long does it takes for you to finish your design?..Looks like there are 3 design on your nail..

  2. thanks Angie! It took me a bit of time, about an hour.. ☻

  3. oh wow! very georgeous. i admire your patience with stamping... because i can't do that lol.

  4. you can! ☻ nail art stamping is the easy way of nail art, as for me, bec I'm always busy.. hehehe thanks Jan!

  5. an hour?!!..Guess your a patience type of girl huh?.. I guess you love doing it..^_^..

    Hope to see more from you soon..

  6. It's done... ;-)
    Good luck in the contest!

  7. those nails are just gorgeous! so pretty! ^.^

  8. Hi,
    I love your blog that's why I decided to give you the Stylish Award -
    (visit my blog to get the details),
    sorry, if you've already received it.

  9. awww...luv's rely cute and fabulous!!!!!