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Art. Passion. Turning even the simplest thing to a breathtaking masterpiece. (Creation) Conceptualized by my husband, Ryan, OBRA deals with art in all forms aesthetic. We believe that there's beauty in everyone and everything waiting to be discovered and unleashed. Started of as a hobby, my curiosity for nail art and designs, had soon panned out to creative styling, photography and make up artistry. Participated in countless number of workshops and trainings, I stay adept with what's current and trendy without compromising class and elegance. OBRA, in its' truest sense is a Masterpiece and I strive to deliver nothing less.
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Nails "Snow Flakes"

Hi all! Just a very quick post! Happy Holidays everyone! God Bless you all!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nail Art Contest Entries!

Hi all! Here are my entries on Nail Art World "Flower Nail Art Contest". You can vote for your fav entry.. You can also vote for me.♥
My entry no. Is 10 and 11, Click HERE to vote...

I like this design, I wore this mani for a week,( I usually wear my polish for 2 to 3 days only) love this color and design..
Hope you like them too!
Konad m57
H & m "check me out"
Rose Decal
San san "french white"
The faceshop top coat


I love this design, I already did this before, I just used different color this time, it looks like a vintage flower carpet. ...
Basecoat - eclipse "p11" nail polish
China glaze "happy go lucky"
San san "french white"
Caress "tahiti brown"
The faceshop top coat
China glaze "metallic muse"
Konad Dark orange special polish
Black special polish
plates used:
Bm 20


I also participated on Kelly "Rock Nail Art Contest, if you like my entry you can email her at and vote for me (11-Mae). Thank you very much.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Naked Nails + Contest

Hi all, I participated on "Flower Nail art Contest" sponsored by Liza of Nail Art World.I submitted two entries and intentionally blurred the pix. I will show them once the voting has started. I love different kinds of flowers, I admired and appreciated every single work of Liza, she's very good in freehand design. Check out her blog. For now here's my naked nails, it's been 3 months since I cut it short, I love my nails. ☻
Thanks Anastacia for the wonderful nail polish! love the color!

Hope you like it! God Bless you all!
P.S I also participated on Kelly Rock Nail Art Contest. Visit her blog..

Friday, December 3, 2010

Marble Technique

Hi all, just a quick post, here's my nail art entry for Etude House Philippines. You can vote for my entry by clicking "Like". The voting runs until Dec.6. That's it! Hope you like it.

Marble Technique
I used etude house PP907 and PP904

and I want to thank sis PJ for the surprise gift she gave me.. Thank you very much sis. You are a very sweet and thoughtful friend.. :)
That's all for now.. God bless you all happy weekend everyone!