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Art. Passion. Turning even the simplest thing to a breathtaking masterpiece. (Creation) Conceptualized by my husband, Ryan, OBRA deals with art in all forms aesthetic. We believe that there's beauty in everyone and everything waiting to be discovered and unleashed. Started of as a hobby, my curiosity for nail art and designs, had soon panned out to creative styling, photography and make up artistry. Participated in countless number of workshops and trainings, I stay adept with what's current and trendy without compromising class and elegance. OBRA, in its' truest sense is a Masterpiece and I strive to deliver nothing less.
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Perfect Pair

Hi, have a great Sunday everyone, last night I can't sleep... So I decided to do a research for my new layout and change my logo at the same time... It was already 1am when I fell asleep... And when I woke up this morning, I came up with a nail art design that will blend with my new theme, it's green and blue with a touch of brown and flower, here's the "Perfect Pair" NOTD that I made. I divided the two colors, green and blue posh nail polish, I chose m63 konad image plate because it looks like a tribal design similar to my background, and I added flower rhinestones on it....Hope you like it!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hi, when I check my inbox yesterday morning, I was surprised with the news that I received, I won again for the second time in Allya Valentine nail art contest, check her beautiful site, paintedtips for more nail art design... Thank you very much Allya for choosing me as the winner....
And here's my NOTD, the word "SORRY" in korean, I like b118 and some of chez-delaney image plate, I want to have that plate, so i decided to make something like it....
what you need:
arezia # 881
caronia white satin
konad s.p black
konad s.p white
konad m43
konad s6

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God Bless

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hi, for today, I'm going to show you my entry I made for parokeets Carnival Party Contest, according to parokeets, their celebrate it for the new cycle of nature and farming, check her blog for more details, and don't forget to vote for my current entry " no. 8 Mae" I made a Mickey Mouse mani for their Valentine's Day Giveaway...

Anyway, here's my Carnival Mask mani, I used caronia african plum for the base coat,then I stamped it with b114 fauxnad image plate, I made it look like a carousel, for my ring finger, I used caronia snow white for the base, I drew a mask using thin nail art brush, I used different color for the design, I added rhinestones for the eye design, I used rainbow glitter for the top coat... Hope you like it!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

chinese valentine mani

Hi everyone,I hope all of you had a great valentine's day! xoxo

hope you like it! God Bless

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

numbers and skull

Hi, just a quick post for my NOTDs, as I promised I will do manis using my new image plates.. So here it is..
hope you like them! God Bless...
caronia white satin nail polish
konad dark purple special polish
konad orange special polish
konad green special polish
konad red special polish
b55 image plate

konad black nail polish
konad white special polish
m42 image plate
b110 image plate

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Blue Bear + Mickey Mouse Plate

Hi, today's mani is my freehand blue bear design and our door mat.. =) while Jamir is sleeping I got an idea when I saw the bear mat on the floor, I decided to copy the bear mat design on my nails, using nail art brush, and dotting tool...I made this NOTD only within 15mins., yes 15mins. because I might not be able to finish my work when Jamir's wake up... Here's the finished product...Do they look the same?
Take a look at the roses, ohh its fully bloomed, I took a pic of it when I woke up early this morning...

Another Mickey Mouse Mani In Neon Green Version:

bnc neon green
arezia# 881
konad black special polish
finishing top coat
cg-06 fauxnad image plate
konad m57 image plate

That's all for now, I will try to make mani tomorrow for my new plates... Hope you like it...
God Bless...
Thanks serena-nuvola for the award..
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Friday, February 5, 2010

vday mani + new image plate

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