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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Elegant chandelier nails + random nail art

 Hello nail art bloggers and welcome month of July!
Hope all of you are doing great! My today's post is from BORN PRETTY STORE. I really like reviewing nail art products, providing some infos about it..
Anyway, I received a blue rhinestone package from bornpretty. it contains 240 pcs, and it comes in different sizes, I actually like it because it is very elegant. The shade of the rhinestone is two toned depending on the light.. I love how it looks on nails..
On my nails, I put different sizes of blue rhinestones.

Materials used:
Bk 01
pueen 51 image plate
material used:
essence n.p
green special polish
material used:
bonita gray

$ 4.10 240Pcs/Box Hot Mixed Round Rhinestone Flat Back Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Decoration Wheel

Material: Acrylic
Shape: Round
Color: as the picture shows

Package Contents:
1 Box(240pcs) 

Another one is crackle leopard design rhinestone in different colors and shapes, circle and square.
You can use it with or without nail art. just put it on your nails because it already has its own design..
There are many colors to choose from...
Black and white, pink and black, red and black, green and black, gold and black, and blue and copper.

$4.38 3mm 300Pcs Crackle Leopard Mini Square Stud Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Decoration Wheel

Material: aluminum
Size Stud: 3x3mm
Shape: Square, round
Quantity: 300pcs/box
Color: 6 colors

Package Contents:
1 Box Nail Art Studs(300Pcs/box)
materials used:
black and gold nail polish
konad m70 image plate
seche vite top coat

I really like it because before when I use a plastic pallet, the color remains and it's a bit messy. With this stainless holder, you can push the acrylic when it dries, or you can wash directly on the faucet...
One more thing, I used it also for swatching stamp It is very helpful because I have lots of plastic pallet and once I use and forget to clean them, they become messy. This stainless pallet is very handy..

$13.58 Stainless Steel Nail Art Palette Set For Colorful Nail Art Polish

Material: Stainless Steel
Quantity: 1Set
Weight: 140g
Size: 15 cm / 10 cm palette  / shovel 17 cm

Package Contents :
1Set(Includes 1Pc Palette and 1Pc 2 Way Flat Mini Shovel)

material used:
Don't forget to visit their site HERE..
Avail a 10% discount by using my code SZL91
Thank you very much!
Hope you like them!

Friday, May 16, 2014


Hello Ladies! Sorry I've been MIA for a week. I am just enjoying the remaining days left of my son Jaem's summer vacation. Just 2 more weeks before school starts again... I'm happy because I already settled all the requirements needed for his school..
Btw, last week I received a package that came from Born Pretty Store. My favorite online store for nail art stuff

I like the set of knuckle rings they sent me.. It's perfect for (us) nail art lovers. I really like them! Very cute... You can avail them for only $1.99 USD 7pcs per set...

7Pcs/Set Shiny Nail Ring Deliacte Bow Heart Skull Design Knuckle Ring

USD $1.99

 And they also sent me deck of cards inspired studs. The package includes heart, diamond, spade and flower design in gold tone...
I really like deck of cards design in nails. If you have noticed, I have lots of playing cards design in my previous posts but this one is my favorite! I really like it! $5.51 USD for this set of nail art decoration...

48Pcs Unique Spade Heart Diamond Club Cards Patterned Stud Charming Nail Art Decoration  USD $5.51

You can have a 10% off if you use my discount code SZL91 Check out BORN PRETTY STORE for other nail art stuff.
 Here are some of my random nail arts that I made this past two months. Hope you like them! God bless you all!
Happy Weekend!
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infinity 42 image plate
acrylic paint
just nails brush #24 ( Fab Ur Nails )
seche vite top coat ( Seche Phil )
pueen 73 image plate
Materials Used:
XXL H image plate
Black special polish
Dotting tool
Nail glue 
Bow nail design 
Nail art brush 
Acrylic paint
materials used:
advanced stamping technique
acrylic paint
pueen 54 image plate
black s.p
seche vite top coat (Seche Phil)

 Advanced Stamping Technique 
abstract version 
BUNDLE MONSTER Bm 402 and bm 423 image plate
acrylic paint
seche vite top coat
dotting tool 
XL C image plate
seche vite top coat
moyou tourist collection 1
winstonia w114
bundle monster bm 414
acrylic paint
seche vite top coat
black special polish
materials used:
OMG neons
orange and black s.p
FUN 8 image plate ( Fab Ur Nails)
gold studs
seche vite top coat (Seche Phil)
 revlon moon candy galactic
infinity 42 image plate
white special polish
sheer polish

pueen 70 image plate
kd 26 image plate
bundle monster bm-h 09 image plate
dried flowers
seche vite top coat
white and black special polish
pueen 72 image plate
I used pueen 70, 64, and 73 image plate • @pueencosmetics 
Soft refill stamp head - white, pink and red from 
Detailer brush just nails dance and pure color also from 
bundle monster bm-407 image plate
kd 26 image plate

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Caronia "Art of Dance" Collection

Hi guys! How was your holy week?
I'm very happy because I got to spend it with my family especially with my husband who is always busy with his work.
I received my caronia package a day before holy week and I wasn't able to write a blog post because of my busy schedule...
So here's what I received!! A Caronia "The Art of Dance" special collection. 
Included colors - Pique, Chasse and Glissade

I made a ballet shoes stamp for my accent nail (ring finger). I used fun 2 ( fab ur nails) image plate.

 Pique- a peach like color, very feminine and not so opaque, you have to apply 3 coats for full coverage but I really like its shade.
Chasse - my favorite in the collection. It's a perfect blue polish. It's opaque. only needs 2 coats for full coverage. Also Perfect for summer because of the bright blue color.
 Glissade- a cool green! I love this color. Also 2 coats for full coverage.

P.S. To all Filipina artists please support Caronia Philippines!

Caronia the Art of Dance Ballet Philippines
Your support goes a long way in building the dreams of many young dancers. A portion of the proceeds from this special collection goes to the ballet Philippines foundation. Help us spread the color and art of dance.
Visit and follow @caroniaph on twitter and instagram to know more about this special collection.

Here are some of the nail art designs that I made on my nails these past few days. hope you like them!
 "Lucky Koi"

Continuous - Advanced Stamping Technique 
Materials Used:
Oumaxi acrylic paint
Pure color brush ( Fab Ur Nails)
XL I and A 48 i.p
Seche vite top coat ( Seche Phil) 


Materials Used: 
BK 01
H&M blue
Queen blue 
Seche vite "wonderfully witty" ( Seche Phil )
Shell studs
Bouillon beads 
Bm 012, bm 423 and xxl H image plate
Black, gold, blue, and white special polish
seche vite top coat ( Seche Phil )


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Childhood Memories

Hi girls!
It's a good thing to start your week with a blessing! Today is another blessed day! I've been sick for the past 2 weeks. and I thank God that I am well now. Thank you Lord for healing me!

I received a package from Born Pretty Store early last week. I really like the nail art plates they sent me. I made 2 versions of a manicure that I entitled "Childhood Memories". 
The first one being a daytime setting, and the other one a night setting. It reminds me of my childhood. Those days when my father would bring me to the carnival. My favorite ride is the carousel. I miss being a kid. But I'm very happy because I see my old self on my kids now...

Anyway, I used colorful studs ($ 4.59 USD)
And a plate ($ 1.99 USD). You can buy them and get

a 10% discount when you use my discount code "SZL91".

1pc Dot Poker Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template - QA29

400pcs 2mm Neon Round Stud Rhinestones Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Decoration w/box

 I also made a summer watermelon design using QA50 watermelon image plate... I love bornpretty image plates because they are perfectly engraved and I rarely encounter any problem picking up the design... The neon stud is easy to use, and you can create different designs or patterns you like. 

Summer is fast approaching here in our country. End of school year and vacation starts this week.. I'm very happy because my son Jaem got the highest ranking in their class on the 4th and final grading period of the school year. he is the 1st on his class, so happy and we are really proud of him..

Cute Watermelon Nail Art Stamp Template - QA50

Last week, I also received the prize package that I won from Beauty Kingdom's "The Heat Is On" nail art contest...

Here's an updated mani that I made using seche vite "Wonderfully Witty" for stamping. I trimmed down my nails after I made the review on Bornpretty and I really like it!

Materials Used:
etude house bl 601
sponge technique
white studs
seche vite "wonderfully witty" for stamping

Here are the items that I received! a quick swatch of the items that I made. In my photo, I did 2 coats with no top coat. Shot in direct sunlight. I like Seche Vite polishes. They are very opaque and bold, and are also good for stamping. 


Hope you like them! God bless you all!!!
Happy Monday!