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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting and viewing my site... I created this blog for one particular reason... and that is "To express my affection for nail art design".. Anyway, I'm a nail art and nail polish fanatic... I'm fond of travelling, drawing, and handcrafting fashion accessories for my family and friends... I love gadgets... I'm also into digital photography and my favorite subject is my nail art designs, and of course my very cute, extremely photogenic, and genetically gifted kid. All comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all those who will visit my blog... P.S. Thank you for taking time to visit my site, and appreciating my designs... but please (if ever you will use my photos for whatever purpose, please inform me first...). All my posts are my original designs. Each design takes a lot of time, effort, and thinking... I'm sure all those who are into these stuff knows what I'm saying... Thanks again... GOD BLESS...
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Friday, December 25, 2009


Hi, hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
merry Christmas everyone....
here's my NOTD and I call it, Colorful Christmas Tree...
hope you like it.. =)
God Bless
what you need:
caress snow white nail polish
amisy yellow and blue
elf light red #80509 and elf black #80612
estee lauder bronze medal #10
konad green s.p
image plate:
fauxnad a02 and b47

what you need:
zoya harlow zp 505
fauxnad b35
fauxnad b47
avon mirror shine
gold two way nail art pen
my personalize acetone dispenser

Monday, December 21, 2009


Hi, I already received the package I bought online, I'm very excited to use it....
thanks for viewing... God Bless!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hi how's your day?I woke up early this morning and went to church with my family, I noticed the days are passing by so quickly. Christmas is fast approaching, just 5 more days to go. I know all of us are excited, most especially our little ones... I took some pix of Juan Miguel, and Jamir Sebastian my two lil' bosses...
And especial mani for Christmas, I love the colors I used for this nail art. This design means more to me because of the method I used.
Hope you like it...I named it "Christmas Combo"..Merry Christmas everybody...God Bless....
everyone who loves to smoke, please visit this site .. thanks!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hi, here are some swatches, and NOTD's I made for thriszha of fab ur nails, we became friends because we share common interests, nail art, and making fashion accessories. We met in, before she went to abu dhabi. Thriszha and I spent time together even though I'm not in perfect condition due to my pregnancy, ( I remember I hate the smell of nail polish during that time) we met here in Balanga when she went here in Bataan to visit her mother in law, we went out for coffee at Beanery and had dinner at Big Papa's Restaurant... The ambiance is great, we had fun together, we also went to David Salon to have a new hair style. We traded some nail art stuff and make up..

I hope we will meet again together with Joan when you get back.... I miss you sis..
hope you like it... God Bless

base coat: arezia #881
image plate: amisy f05
avon mirror shine for the stamp

with flash
amisy F05
avon mirror shine
base coat: sally hansen magic frost # 32
image plate: fauxnad b96
avon mirror shine for the stamp
with flash

bobbie candy cane

click image to zoom in...
My own franken polish I call it blue ice

hot mint

base coat: savita zp504
image plate: konad m66
avon mirror shine for the stamp