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Friday, December 4, 2009


Hi, late post for my birthday, I haven't updated my blog since November 23 because I've been busy taking care of my baby Basti , and his older brother Jaem...
Here are the pix....
I received my winter nail art price yesterday which came from Liza of "nailartworld" , The winter nail polish collection from Zoya and Qnail half time polish drying accelerator. I tested the veruschka ZP 506, can't wait to try the savita ZP504 and harlow ZP 505. I will post the pix once I get to try it.... here is the recent nail art I've done in the past few days...hope you like them...

Click picture to zoom in...

What can you say about zoya matte nail polish, which is better? with or without stamp on it?

I used fauxnad plate B19 and konad white S.P
What can you say about my advance Christmas nail art? and my "F" set nail art plate?
have you noticed my nail become shorter?
I used estee lauder #10 bronze medal for the base coat, Amisy A01 image plate, and konad red and green S.P
trade items coming from Joan of nailartdiction.... thank you so much sis...
And a birthday present for me and basti coming from tita norz thank you so much...
inside the box...

thanks for viewing...
have a great weekend!


  1. nice haulz...does the bobbie polish u have are holos?? sis swatch mo naman ung new bobbie mo... weeeeeeeeeeee....nagutom ako sa padala ng tita mo...hahahahah sis try mo nga ung avon mirror shine.. kung pwede syang pangstamp may nakita kz akong blog na ok din pang stamp ung avon mirror shine...

  2. cute ung matte... pero ang ayaw ko lang sa matte madaling matngal ung stamp design... kz walang top coat... hehehe.. akin nalang ung red pls....share tau sa glow in the dark ko.. hehehe swatch mo nga lahat ng matte mo.. sis..try mo ung polish drying accelarator mo sa diamond polish mo ung matagal matuyo..hehehe tignan natin kung effective nga..hehehe

  3. Love the Zoya mattes. Love the design on it.

  4. love them both, with and without konad:)

    ps. where do you buy your fauxnad/koad plates??:)

  5. Pretty colors. Late Happy Birthday wishes for you! I just now noticed, hope you had a great day :)

  6. @ thrisha oo madali nga matanggal kainis, cge pag uwi mo sau na un isa..oks nman ang qnail, napost ko na sa latest post ang mga request mo.. hehehe
    @ lucy thank you... i appreciate all your comments...
    @ konadomania thanks, i bought it online..Im also selling some of my plate...
    @ doo thanks for the greeting, I love your daily post of NOTD for xmas..