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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello Kitty Nailart and New MJ image plate

HI GUYS! Here are some couples of Hello Kitty nailart! Hope you like them! God Bless 
" Hello Kitty LEOPARD"
Materials Used:
h&m "corall summer"
BM 221 and G09 image plate 
white n.p. sponge 
black special polish
sansan top coat

base: franken n.p "snow white"
s.p black
FAB s.p bubble blue 
mj, fab and h50 image plate
san san top coat
nail art brush


 MJ- I
MJ-I actual stamp
you can buy some mj image plate here ----> MY ONLINE SHOP

materials used:
white franken polish
MJ II image plate MyOnline Shop
Fab special polish 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Eyelash Extension Kit Review Tutorial

Hi guys another review product came from Born Pretty! Many of us wish to have a long and perm eyelashes, and in doing so, we use different kinds of mascara. Born Pretty has an answer for that problem! Eyelash extension kit is now available on her online store. You can use this even just at home for a very affordable price of $12.72. 

Eyelash extension kit includes:
1- 8mm false individual eyelash extension 
1-10mm false individual eyelash extension 
1-12mm false individual eyelash extension 

1-false individual eyelash glue

1-straight tweezer
1-curve tweezer
1-glue remover
1-air pump
and 25pcs crescent curve lint free gel eye pad patch eyelash extension eyepads for only $2.99
     Here's what I received from Born Pretty
and a tutorial on putting them.


NOTE: This product was sent to me as a gift. I made this review based on my own ideas and preference on how to use them. My opinions about the quality of the said products are based on my personal judgements and the outcome of my usage.

1. Wash face with soap and water. 
2. Peel off the eyefoil.
3. Put the eyepatch on the lower part of your eyes, and also on your eyelids.
4. Use an eyebrush for your eyelashes.
5. Dip one eyelash extension in the adhesive and pick one eyelash on which you want to apply it.
6. Stick it on (near the root part).
7. Use pump to dry it.
8. Repeat all the steps on your remaining eyelashes.

You can now see the difference. 
 Here's the "before" and "after". it looks much prettier without mascaras and false eyelashes.


*more affordable compared to salon extensions.

* natural looking eyelashes.


*you have to be patient because it takes an hour to apply.
*eyeglue may irritate your eyes.

*but all in all, my sis loved the result.

 For more information

 Here' s the reference video from youtube. Credit to the owner.
 Hope you like it!  God bless 

          P.S. Born Pretty is having a nail art contest if you want to participate,pls read the details below.. thank you!!!


Create your manicure using one (or more!) of 5 ideas as follows: 

Studs, Flower, Star, Leopard, Butterfly

Rules and Details:
1. Starting time: June 15, 2012.       
    Ending time: June 25, 2012.
2. You must follow us on this blog and our Facebook . 
3. Your nail art design can be new or old but it must be your own.
4. Your design must include at least one of the five elements listed above.
5. Each person must submit no more than two entries.
6. You must submit your design by leaving exact link of your design in the comment box of this post. You can upload your image on any free online website, including your blog, facebook, twitter and so on. Plus, please also leave you e-mail address, then if you are picked to be a winner,we can contact you ASAP.

The Judging:
We will still host a vote to choose 3 winner in all participants after collecting all designs at June 26, 2012. 

We provide three prizes in different value for the final three winner. You can find them below.
The First Prize:
The Second Prize:
The Third Prize: 
Want to get those awesome items? Just hurry up to summit you entry!!!

If you have any question about the contest or some good ideas to share with us, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us at

Friday, June 8, 2012

Green Revolution

 Hi guys just a quick post, green is one of my favorite color, here are some of recent green themed nail art! hope you like them! God Bless

materials used:
nfu-oh 56
kleancolor fashionista 
fab s.p yellow and red wine
konad s.p dark violet
fun 2 image plate 
QA 10 i.p
sally hansen top coat

materials used:

black matte n.p

FUN special polish
metallic green, yellow and white
QA7 image plate 
top coat
 Mani I made for my aunt "shoe nails" ..