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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Playboy Bunny

Hi all, Just a quick post for my Playboy Bunny NOTD, love my nails, and the length of it right now, I have so many plates I want to use.. Some of which are still unused and I haven't had the chance to use them. I think I should try to manage and do a nail art plate schedule so that I can use them.. :)
Anyway, I used massini slammin'red as a base coat, this is the most gorgeous and I should say bling bling nail polish that I have, the color really suits my skin tone and I like the holo glitters on it, thanks thriszha for this, I used playboy fauxnad i.p, b104 and b34 star design, I used white and lightpink special polish for stamping and tfs top coat..
Direct Sunlight

With Flash

Blurry Effect to show the holo glitters! (wow)

Light Box
Indoor Artificial light
Indoor without flash

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nail Art Hauls

Hi all! been busy lately, being a full time mom is a big responsibility, Jaem and Jamir was sick last week caused by frequent change in weather, thank God they're okay now... Jaem also took his first periodical test and he also participated in "Linggo ng Wika" day, I'm very happy and I'm enjoying being a full time busy mom! :)

Btw, here are the items that I bought last week including the decals which I used in making the "Louis Vuitton Nails"...

the H series image plate and playboy i.p..

R.A.O.K came from thriszha of FAB UR NAILS .. Thanks again sis... :)
Slammin' red is very pretty on nails..

Love the shade of revlon lipstick... It really suits me.. thanks for the SG souvenir!

And Peggy Sage sticker made in france thank you sis love them all! :) mwaaah!

check out konad giveaway:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Louis Vuitton Nails

Hi all! just a quick post for my NOTD.. will be back later for more upload... ciao!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DECK OF NAILS! *nail art foil*

Hi all! Just a quick post for my nail Foil Notd, yay the mailman surprised me this morning... My printed nail art foil arrived sooner than I expected! Thank you very much enamelgirl ... you are so sweet! I love them all! You better check out her blog.. She's very creative, the first time that I saw her foil design, I was so amazed. She's very good in making nail foil design...
I immediately tried it once it arrived.

Here are some pictures I got from her blog, look how perfect and pretty the way she does her nail foil design...

My Naked Nails! =)
Materials Used:
thefaceshop yellow yl 702
konad m70 image plate
black special polish
thefaceshop top coat

And here's my cousin's nail art Criz which I made.. Not only girls can wear nail art... boys also can.. Hehehe
Materials Used:
allue "black night out"
white special polish
bm 17, bm13,bm07 "bundle monster" i.p
b116,b52 "fauxnad" i.p

b52,b53 "bundle monster"i.p
bm13,b116 "fauxnad" i.p

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gold Tip PHD Challenge

Hi all! I'm not good with tip design on nails, as you have noticed on my previous posts, I'm more into layering, full stamping, sponge technique and freehand design. When I read about Just Tips challenge on polishhoarderdisorder(PHD), I got a bit challenged, so I gave it a try and decided to make it simple yet elegant, I chose black gold and silver, I love the result,hope you also will... I will try some nail tip design again definitely... :)

Materials used:
bobbie "vodka on ice" for the base
Allue "Black night out" for the tip
And Flat square-gold
I also participated on daily-nail "theres no place like home" nail art contest. You can vote for your fav entries! here's my entry... =)


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tattooed On My Nails + Tutorial

Hi all, just want to share a simple tip with regards to nails, when me and my sister went to the mall yesterday, I was looking for nail art stuff that day because I lost my image plate code bm01 last week... Here's how the story went, when we were at the mall, I saw a nail sticker, then a body artificial tattoo... The first thing I remembered upon seeing those items is water decals. So I bought a few... I tried them as soon as I got home.. let me show you my finished product... :)
What do you think? Do you like it??

And a very simple tutorial...
1.Cut a piece of water tattoo that will fit to your nails.Remove the thin plastic.
2.Apply your desired base coat color that will match the tatz. it's either light or dark shade. Let dry.
3.Press the tattoo design on nails,
4.Put a small amount of water on top of paper tatz. dub and slide.
5.Use cotton balls to remove the excess. Let dry.
6.last but not the least, apply top coat. That's it. Nice and very simple. You don't have to spend much. It's easy and affordable you can do it yourself...
Hope you like it! God Bless you all!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Restful Tones

Hi all! Just a quick post, had a great day yesterday, I'm very happy because my hubby gave me a gift, here are the pictures, I love them so much! The box is very cute, green my fav color and the n.p are very nice..Thank you very much bhabhe,he never fails to surprise me... Love Him so much... :)
Here's what I've done:
Materials Used:
tfs bl 603 powder blue
tfs top coat
h&m check me out
chg happy go lucky
black special polish
cg 05 image plate
Materials Used:
allue green session
chg 2030
black special polish
pearl beads for nails
tfs top coat
bm 20 image plate
Materials Used:
chg flyin' high
cg 05 image plate
tfs top coat
blue special polish
Materials Used:
bnc gray
white special polish
blue special polish
m63 konad image plate
caronia sunset top coat
Hope you like them!