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Friday, July 12, 2013

Colorful Crystal

 Hi guys! Another review product from Bornpretty Store! The

Colorful Crystal Rhinestones. I love this. Any base coat will do because of the stone's tricolor characteristic... 

You can use them on most of your nail arts because it blends with whatever design and color. Here are the manis that I made using rainbow rhinestones from bornpretty! 
You can purchase them for only 4.05$ per pack of 144 pcs. How cool is that? 
Bornpretty also offers 10% discount. Just type the code SZL91 .
Bornpretty store one of the well known on-line store nowadays in terms of nailart and beauty products. They are selling affordable stuffs that  you will surely like!! Here's the link 
Enjoy shopping! Happy weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

New FUN image plates!

 Hi! I have lots of things to share with you guys!  I received a lot of blessings in these past few weeks. First off, I won in both nail art contests that I joined in. I'm a very happy girl! I won 2nd place in konad nail art contest, and I was also selected as one of the winners in bundle monster giveaway contest! It's the first time that I won in a giveaway contest!  I will post my prizes once I received them. ( I'm so excited) 
Btw, back to FUN ip, FAB UR NAILS  has a new release of image plates. Look at the scanned images! Click to zoom in! 
I like everything that is on the plates! FUN image plates available here in FACEBOOK and in LLAROWE
Hope you like them! God bless

 FUN 11 South Park Nail Art
FUN 10 Bows, Heart and Stars Nail Art

 My Image Plate Holder!! ♥

FUN 10 Kitty Bow

FUN 3 Super Mario
FUN 6 Monster High 
 FUN 8
 FUN 5 Tetris 
 FUN 5 Multi Color Gradient Effect
 FUN 9 Kitty
 FUN 11 The Avengers

Monday, July 1, 2013

Advance Stamping Technique Tutorial

Here's my simple step by step tutorial! Enjoy! Happy stamping everyone!
MJ Hello kitty special edition image plate (MyOnline Shop)
A48 i.p.
l.a brites "flare up"
jocarste white
advance stamping technique
Step by step tutorial
✏Advanced stamping technique 

1. Apply your desired base coat.

2. Fill the stamp with colors.
(You can use regular polish or 
acrylic) Let dry.
3. Apply top coat / clear coat on nails.
( if you use acrylic, apply top coat on the stamp not directly on nails to keep the design intact .) 
4. Stamp on nails.
5. Apply top coat.

 My random designs using advance stamping technique! 
nabi scented "pinkies"

dark purple s.p
mj special edition hello kitty image plate
sally hansen topcoat
decal stamping technique

Step by step procedure provided by:
MJ special edition ( MyOnline Shop)


special edition MJ image plate and MJ VI ( MyOnline Shop)
advance stamping technique

MJ XVIII ( MyOnline Shop)

advance stamping technique

✏ Hello Kitty
1. Apply 4 different colors of basecoat.
Let Dry

2. Stamp it with MJ XX (full stamp)
3. Stamp it with HK special edition MJ image plate 
( I used white special polish for the first layer.)
Fill the hk stamp with white polish.
4. Stamp again with mj special edition. ( I used black special polish for my 2nd stamp to make the image appear.)
5. Apply top coat!


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