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Sunday, May 30, 2010

new haul, prize and notd *pic heavy*

Hi all ..I'm very happy, I already received my giveaway package which came from Rebekah of "fortheloveofnails", she also included a Bloom Bianca nail polish freebie which is a very high quality pigmentated nail polish, the h&m and marks and spencer neon nail polish are very impressive... Thanks Rebekah, i love them all ! Can't wait to use it on my nail and have some swatches of it...

I also received the items which came from Locke of "locofashion"... These items are part of the trade deal between me and Locke. I love all the items she included in our swap, she's very generous and sweet, you better check out her blog...
Look , my very first elianto nail polish.. the colors are great especially the aspen green, my fav color.. she also gave me fimos, the skull.. yay love it! various face masks, nyx lipstick, concealer, lip moisturizer... I love them all! Again, thanks Locke... Take a look at the picture!here are the items I received from Locke..
And last but not the least....I know some of you already knew thriszha of "fab ur nails" Guess what...?? Thriszha and I met yesterday at our house, sorry guys, we don't have much time to take pictures... because she's in a hurry.. But here are the
special goodies she gave me...P49 chez-delaney image plate the one I've been longing for.. S09 M70 and B100 image plate...My very first china glaze, aics nail polish and more... Thank you sis! I'm very happy! Hope we see each other again in the near future...
And don't forget to vote for her spring and animal theme entries.
Link here: spring thelacquerfiles
Here's my NOTD using my new stuff...
hope you like it! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Unripe Grape Fruit

Hi all, I made a franken polish yesterday, I mixed l'oreal seascape 316 perle and zoya harlow, this was the first time I made a semi gloss franken polish and I like the result I named my franken polish, "unripe grape" ... When you look at it, it looks like a grape fruit... :)
In the first photo I sponged zoya in diagonal alternate pattern, then sponged it again with rbl revamp, and stamped it with m63 konad image plate..
In the second photo, I simply stamped it with amisy f04 image plate and added some rhinestones... That's it...
Which mani do you prefer? Do you like my unripe grape nail polish? =)
Hope you like them! God bless!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dare to Kiss the Sunset!

hi all, I want to show to you my NOTD for last week which I wasn't able to post, and my mani today, In my 1st design I used sponge technique, stamped it with m66 konad and m02 fauxnad image plate...and I added Sunset caronia top coat...
In my 2nd design I used Dare caronia as base coat and b113 fauxnad image plate.. stamped it
2-3 times so that the design would be more elaborate... Hope you like it. God Bless...
Happy weekend everybody!

artificial light
with top coat

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Elements Of Design

Hi all, as I promised on my last post, I will do more abstract designs.. For todays' mani I manually drew the design on my nails... I named my mani "Elements of Design" because my mani is composed of different lines, I drew uneven lines and square shapes for the highlight... i love the selection of colors I used for this pattern... Hope you like it too..God Bless
and I forgot, I'm so lucky because I won on a giveaway again.. yay..Thanks locke of locofashion ... don't forget to visit her fabulous site.. =)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Imperfection Of Shape

Hi all, I am loving abstract designs right now, I think I will post more abstract nailart designs this month, stay tuned for more... :)
In my design, I used caress gray as base, stamped it with konad m65 image plate,I used red konad special polish and added RBL revamp in vertical pattern...I like the red stamp because it matches the red tiny glitters of RBL nail polish...
Do you like it? What's your first impression when you look at my mani?

Hope you like it! God Bless you all!
Thanks 'Chelle of cosmeticcupcake for the Sweet Blog Award!