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Monday, May 24, 2010

Unripe Grape Fruit

Hi all, I made a franken polish yesterday, I mixed l'oreal seascape 316 perle and zoya harlow, this was the first time I made a semi gloss franken polish and I like the result I named my franken polish, "unripe grape" ... When you look at it, it looks like a grape fruit... :)
In the first photo I sponged zoya in diagonal alternate pattern, then sponged it again with rbl revamp, and stamped it with m63 konad image plate..
In the second photo, I simply stamped it with amisy f04 image plate and added some rhinestones... That's it...
Which mani do you prefer? Do you like my unripe grape nail polish? =)
Hope you like them! God bless!!!


  1. These are so great!

  2. nice... i want grapessssssssss

  3. type ko ung Lo-real mo...hahahahahaha

  4. another art piece from the master! how I love violets!

  5. thank you zuzu... =)

    thanks sis, franken lang yan..pero oks sya.. semi gloss na prang matte..

    waaah hindi nman...thank you very much sis.. i love green nman.. =)
    I visited your blog I like the swatch of Cutex n.p lime green.. nice...=)

  6. so pretty! you had me confused at first, because where i live "grape fruit" is pink, and "grapes" are purple like above :)

  7. that is a really cute way to use the f04 plate. I may have to borrow your idea of putting a jewel in the middle. I never know what to do with that design

  8. I like the 1st one, look like water marbling.

  9. its my girl mae!! wat u up to? i love this design

  10. OMG! How'd you do that? Amazing!

    Lots of love,

  11. Hy, ..a award waits for you on my blog: