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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cute Stuff ♥

Hi guys! This is not a nail art related post, just like to share some cute stuff that I bought last friday together with my hubby. Aside from nail art I also like to collect cute things, and I also love cooking.
bear lens case and a pooh mini padlock
chocolate lens case
      hello kitty face watch
hello kitty blouse
hello kitty candy bracelet
                                       card holder that can be use as nail art plate holder

various mold for desserts
you can use them for baking and food decorating.
i bought some mold for rice chocolate and ice! i love them all!


Hope you like them!! God Bless

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clip-on Hair Extensions Review / Tutorial

Hi guys! I just received another product from Bornpretty! I'm excited to make a tutorial for it, and I think this is one of my favorite! A 22" clip on hair extension. 
The package includes the following: click picture to zoom-in
 clip detail
close-up view

 Here's how to use them:
  1. Start out with dry straight hair and have your extensions ready.
  2. Raise your hair up. Take about an inch of your hair starting from your hairline.
  3. Unclip the hair extension.
  4. Snap it on your hair. Continue until you reach the top half of your head.
  5. Part hair on the side, and clip in the very small welfs. The ones that only have 1 clip. Repeat on the other side.

Style as desired!! Surprise your friend with your new look!!!
finished product
 My personal opinion about bornpretty hair clip extension.
* stylish long hair extension that looks natural. 
*very fashionable.
*this hair extension is a perfect choice to give your hair an instant additional length.
*smooth and straight
*blends with your natural hair.
*easy to use.
Hope you like it! God bless
 NOTE: This product was sent to me as a gift. I made this review based on my own ideas and preference on how to use them. My opinions about the quality of the said products are based on my personal judgements and the outcome of my usage.

Monday, July 9, 2012

How to make 3d nail design using stamping technique.

How to make 3d nail design using stamping technique.

1. Apply your desired base coat. Let dry. 
2. Choose the pattern you like. For this tutorial, I used MJ 2 image plate with bow and heart design for the full pattern.
3. Then choose another pattern for the 3d overlay. I chose cupcake and donut pattern using bm308.
4. Render your selected 3D design. make sure that your color doesn't exceed the outline. let dry.
5. Stamp it again with dark color to make the 3d design more visible.
6. Add top coat and neon rhinestones. 
tada! and here's the finished product! i love cupcakes and donuts. 

Hope you like it! God Bless

Thursday, July 5, 2012

BUNDLE MONSTER 2012 stamping image plate 25pcs

Hi guys, I just received my prizes from Bundle Monster. ♥ I love them all! Enjoy browsing! happy weekend everyone!!! 
Get yours now---->>> HERE