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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hello! It's fun to play and swim at the beach during summer season... Can you guess what's my NOTD? I named it, "SAILBOAT SURPRISE" . This is my nautical themed nail art I submitted to
" nailjuice " , I made this freehand nail art design using two way nail art pen and thin brush, I used white base coat. Using two way nail art pen, draw wave design on the tip of your nail, I used sky blue nail art pen... After that, I used gold nail art pen to create thinner lines above the blue tip. Make a drawing of a small sailboat above the gold wave, I used black and brown polish, red polish for the flag design, on my middle finger I draw an anchor, I used red polish and I added black rhinestone design on it... For the finished product dub sponge on dark blue polish and sponge the upper part of the nail ( for cloud effect ) and apply top coat...
Here is the finished Nautical Theme Nail Art .... Hope you like it!
God Bless..

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi, five more days before halloween, so I decided to create a design for it... Anyway, when you see my nail art, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Does it look like Googly Eye? I named it, "THE EYE". By the way, what are your plans for this upcoming halloween? Do you put up halloween nail art like this?
Here is a very simple nail art tutorial:

It's fun and easy to do, just apply white base coat I used caress snow white, let dry, I used elf black and red for the stamp, I used b47 cracked fauxnad image plate... make medium black dots on the middle of your nail, add small white dots at the center, then apply top coat....

with flash

Dim light

I forgot to post this... that's my NOTD last week..

hope you like it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hi there, here's my entry for Winter Nail Art World Contest, I call it, "Mr. Snowman" even though we don't have winter season here in the Philippines, and it doesn't snow, when "Ber" months comes, that could only mean one thing, "Christmas is near". Carolers singing Christmas carols in the streets, Christmas decors starting to appear in every house, people buying gifts for their loved ones, these are the things that shows us that Christmas season has begun. I remember when I was a kid, I always put socks on our door, and wait for Santa's gift night after night. I miss being a kid, but it makes me happy just seeing my son appreciate the spirit of Christmas... Anyway, hope you like my Winter Manicure... I enjoyed making this....

What you need:
BNC #M68 n.p.
Amisy blue n.p.
Nail paint fengshangmei n.p.
french white n.p.
rhinestone (red circle)
decal ( star)
konad stamp kit
Image Plate:
amisy a05
fauxnad b07
fauxnad b35
fauxnad b47
fauxnad b 96

Nail Art Tutorial:Apply base coat, I used bnc # m68 sky blue nail polish ( just choose what color you like)Let it dry...Use sponge, ( I used sponge on the edges, and upper portion of my nail, for the snow effect)For my thumb design, I used fauxnad b47,b07,b96 and amisy a05 image plate, and I added star decals on it...For my index, middle, ring and pinkie... I used fauxnad b35, b07, and b47 image plate, i added red circle rhinestone on the snowman design.... Apply top coat if you want. Let it dry.... Here is the finished product. Hope you like it! God Bless

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hi, sorry for the late post, been busy these past few days, because of my weekly check up with my doctor, and I'm glad to announce , my baby is a Boy!
Anyway, here's my NOTD last week, I call it, "Hang Ten Logo Adaptation" .... It's originally designed by Miss Nessa of sassestampingstampede, after I asked permission from her.

I used Tahiti brown caress local brand nail polish for the base coat, konad white special polish for the stamp, and I used amisy a03 image plate.
Here is the original design by Ms. Nessa... of "sassestampingstampede"
Your color combination made the footprint stunning!
And here is my Hang ten logo adaptation...
with flash
Hope you like it! God Bless

and some of my random pics includes, my latest ultra sound, my new chunky ring, and souvenir made in Egypt....

thanks Jologs.. oh i forgot to post the blue green necklace..

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hi , pls visit nailartworld and have a chance to win...

the hottest winter collections from Zoya!

Contest open until October 31, 2009

Rules:The theme of this contest is "Winter Manicure", because winter is coming and we all want to be ready fro the cold season with the wonderful winter inspired manicure ideas. So , snow flakes, snowmen, frost and glitter - everything is welcomed, any winter inspired manicures.- Must be or become a follower to participate- Please submit one entry per person to the, include no more then 2 pictures of your manicure. Subject line Winter Contest, please also include your name and e-mail.- Outside US followers are welcome!- You can submit a second entry, if you post in your blog about this contest, please include the link on the post in the e-mail. However i encourage everybody to spread the news about this contest in your blog, and i appreciate your help with it.

SCHEDULE:Contest is open until October 31 2009I will select a first prize winner, and 10 best entries , that will be published here for voting.Readers will select a second prize winner. Voting will be opened from Monday - November 2 till Wednesday - November 4, and the winners will be announced and notified by e-mail no latter then Friday - November 6

I hope that this is not too many rules :) Can not wait to see all those beautiful manicures !!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hi, last night, I went to bed early but could not sleep...
so I decided to work on what concept I will use for my NOTD.
I gathered all my plates and while I was looking at them, I suddenly
remembered the last time I chat with Joan.. She requested for me to try
and use B66 fauxnad plate "chinese character". Konad came up with the
original version of that plate (m23 if I'm not mistaken) but when you compare
them, they look exactly same...Anyway, Joan is a good on-line friend of mine, she's
very simple and thoughtful, she was the one who introduced me to nail stamping,and
persueded me to create this blog! hahaha... Actually, she gave me my first image plate B07,
rhinestone, and nail dotting tool in our first trade...
I remember those days, I was very curious on how to use the nail stamping kit....
That was when I started to buying nail stuff online. Amisy is my first nail art purchase,
bought it in a set and cost around $20 w/o shipping fee....Which included 6 image plates,6 nail polish, colortone: green, blue, white, black, yellow, and colorless, also included a mini nail art machine. When the package arrived, I was very excited to use it, but when I tried it on my nails, it didn't worked. I was so dissapointed. Maybe the nail polish dries quicky, or the stamp doesn't work, then I tried using the stamp kit included in B07 plate and it worked perfectly! and it was for that I started buying more nail art plates online. Sometimes Joan and I were excessively... I bought some two way nail art pen, assorted nail polish, etc....
Joan here it is... I named my mani "CHINESE DUO" .... hope you like the concept, thanks for being a good friend..... I wasn't able to put more pics because my digital ran out of battery...
God Bless

elf red light #80509
elf black #80612
whitener french white marker
special polish white
b66 fauxnad i.p.

base coat: caress snow white n.p
konad red s.p.
blue charm super black # 17
b11, b66, and b96 fauxnad i.p

If you wish to see JOAN'S nail art collection,
check out her site "MY NAIL ART ADDICTION"
Thanks Again....

Friday, October 16, 2009


Hello everyone... I'm so excited to post my NOTD that I made yesterday,
and I wanna share some of my new haul that I bought on line,
my fauxnad plate, canister and stripping tape =)
Here's my CRACKED NOTD...and random nail art trials.. hope you like it!

thanks for looking..

SPECIAL THANKS to LUCY of makeupgirl21...
thanks for all your comments
and compliments, i'll try to post more unique designs.. =)
hope you like my CRACKED notd... thanks a lot..


konad black n.p
caronia white n.p
black s.p
white s.p
b47 nail art plate (fauxnad)
red violet stripping nail art tape
apply base coat in vertical line separately with black and white polish
(you can choose what color combination you like)
I applied black and white for the base coat 2-3 coats. let it dry
apply 2-3 stamp of b47 fauxnad plate ( depending on your nail length)
I used white and black special polish for the cracked design
you can use stripping nail art tape or nail art pen if you like...
stripping tape
white caronia n.p
blue,yellow, and green s.p
b77 fauxnad
bobby+loreal n.p
black s.p
b11 fauxnad
12 pcs canister for rhinestones and decals
9 fauxnad nail art plate
b66-chinese character
stripping nail art tape