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Monday, October 5, 2009

STAMP (mix pix2)

Here's my other nail art compilation.
hope you like it! =)

base coat: super finished french white
amisy a03 i.p.
konad s.p. black
koand s.p. green

base coat: super finished french white
octagon fauxnad m02 i.p.
amisy blue s.p.

base coat: bobby holo light pink
konad i.p m73
konad s.p. dark violet

base coat: caress snow white
konad m73 i.p.
konad s.p. black

base coat: wet n wild
konad m60 i.p.
konad s.p. dark violet

base coat: sally hansen #12 violet sparks
konad m60 i.p.
two way nail art pen lavander

base coat: elf bubble gum pink # 80612
b08 fauxnad i.p
b26 fauxnad i.p
konad s.p. dark violet
konad s.p green

base coat: bnc neon yellow
b20 fauxnad i.p.
b88 fauxnad i.p.
konad s.p black
konad s.p green

base coat: posh neon green
konad m55 i.p.
konad s.p. orange
green nail art pen

base coat: wet n' wild pink petal
konad m57 i.p.
konad s.p. green
koand s.p. dark violet

base coat: loreal jet-set quick dry sans toluene et
amisy i.p f05
konad s.p black
konad s.p red

hope you like 'em! God Bless


  1. Your nail art is amazing. Love them all.

  2. You're so creative. I actually didn't know BM plates existed or what they were before I visited your site. Now I'm inspired to buy my own set and start getting artistic on my own nails!