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Art. Passion. Turning even the simplest thing to a breathtaking masterpiece. (Creation) Conceptualized by my husband, Ryan, OBRA deals with art in all forms aesthetic. We believe that there's beauty in everyone and everything waiting to be discovered and unleashed. Started of as a hobby, my curiosity for nail art and designs, had soon panned out to creative styling, photography and make up artistry. Participated in countless number of workshops and trainings, I stay adept with what's current and trendy without compromising class and elegance. OBRA, in its' truest sense is a Masterpiece and I strive to deliver nothing less.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Red Hot and Blue!

Hi all! Just a quick post.. I really like this Mac Shirelle nail polish, opaque in just 1 coat! very pretty, hot, glamorous red polish.. Thank you very much tiff for this! I really like it! ♥

Hope you like them! God Bless

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi all! Belated happy hearts day everyone! ♥♥♥ Hope you had a lovely valentine, as for me I'm very very happy.. ☻ Anyway, Summer is fast approching here in the Philippines... It's very hot here nowadays. For summer nails, I made a simple mani using dried flowers. If you wish to buy some of them, Born Pretty have lots of nail art stuff including dried flowers. I love dried flowers so much. It looks like a lil'garden on my nails. I got the idea of hot air balloon from thriszha, I remember she made a manicure using this image plate last year. I also used konad m57 i.p. cloud design. It reminds me of the Disney movie "Up", my son love that movie so much that he used to watch it every night before going to sleep. He likes Kevin the big bird and the kid named Russell was so cute!
I like the finished product, it's really meant for summer.. Hope you like it too! God Bless you all!!
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Materials Used:
base: snowman light blue
san san warm blue
china glaze "sugar high"
china glaze "happy go lucky"
special polish: dark blue and blue
dried flowers
tweety rainbow glitz top coat
image plate: konad m79 and h17

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lucky 6

Hi all, 4 days to go before vday! That is also our wedding anniversary! We're celebrating our 6th year as husband and wife.. I really love him so much..For me everyday is special when we're together.. My mani has something to do with our anniversary. I'm not chinese but I love this design very much. One of my fb friend told me that the real meaning of this design in chinese language is "happy, best wishes, and lucky". Sometimes it is used on wedding invitations.. I didn't add that much layering stamp to see the real character of the nail polish.
1st, I applied black with holographic glits n.p as base coat,
Then I used red holo glits on one side, and sally hansen hidden treasure on the other side. I sponged white n.p on the center, and I stamped it with h19 i.p. I used dark red s.p for stamping..Hope you like it! ☻
Btw, I won on nail art express. Thanks to all those who voted for me.
I also received a gift which came from Bless, I really like them all. Thank you very much sis! ♥
random Notd

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello Kitty Nails + Random NOTD

HI ALL!! I know many of you guys like hello kitty! Who doesn't'?! I love hello kitty.. Eversince I was in high school I've been collecting hello kitty stickers.. She's super cute right!? hehehe... I looked at my collection this morning and suddenly, an idea sparked in my head, a hello kitty inspired nail design.. I used to have a hello kitty bookmark that looks like the nail design that I made! Btw, I drew a hello kitty on the tip of my nails, using a very thin brush which came from Bornprettystore. I love that brush because it is very firm and the stroke is very accurate, making my freehand drawing hassle free... I don't have any problem using it... I also used m60 konad image plate, china glaze "lemon fizz" and china glaze "sugar high". Then I added a glittery top coat... It's very cute... Love my thumb nails...
All pix are clickable ☻
NOTE: This product was sent to me as a gift. I made this review based on my own ideas and preference on how to use them. My opinions about the quality of the said products are based on my personal judgements and the outcome of my usage.
Eggplant and Corn
Crackling Nail Polish
Hope you like them! God Bless you all!!