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Art. Passion. Turning even the simplest thing to a breathtaking masterpiece. (Creation) Conceptualized by my husband, Ryan, OBRA deals with art in all forms aesthetic. We believe that there's beauty in everyone and everything waiting to be discovered and unleashed. Started of as a hobby, my curiosity for nail art and designs, had soon panned out to creative styling, photography and make up artistry. Participated in countless number of workshops and trainings, I stay adept with what's current and trendy without compromising class and elegance. OBRA, in its' truest sense is a Masterpiece and I strive to deliver nothing less.
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Something Special

Hi guys,
I removed my recent acrylic nails... I'm so inlove and I really like my new nail extension which came from bornpretty. I received a lot of compliments when they saw it.. It perfecly curved in C shape. Thank you very much bornpretty store! If you like to buy nail art stuffs you can visit their site by clicking HERE. 
You can buy this nail tip for only $4.95 you will also get 10% percent discount just by typing the code MAEJ61..

indoor shot
outdoor shot


I want to thank my husband who's always there for me.. He supported me in everything and even with my hobbies. I have always been fascinited with photography.. Guess what..
he gave me a Nikon D3100 DSLR camera as a special gift.. I really like it.. thanks bhabhe and I love you very much! :)
Some of my shots.. ☺
cold water
Our vintage NIKON L135 AF 1984 camera,
originally owned by Steven Seagal (given to my husband's cousin by steven seagal way back 80's still functioning. =)
Jamir holding
Our vintage NIKON L135 AF 1984 camera.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ancient Pattern Nail art

Hi guys, when I woke up this morning I'm very excited to make a mani using my new image plates.. Here's what I came up with..I used XL image plate "C" for my design. I named it "ANCIENT PATTERN" I really like the color I used in my NOTD. Usually, ancient designs are represented by dark shades, I made mine a brighter, and lighter one...

Here are the 3 nail polishes that I bought last week. The bottles are very cute! ♥
Materials used:
Some nail art that I forgot to post last week.. hehehe
My youngest son turned 1 year and 10 months old yesterday! He's very cute right?!!
Hope you like them! God Bless you all!


Hi guys!
How's your day? I'm very excited and happy because I finally received my XL image plates.. I bought XL i.p. A,B,C,D, and I. Here are some swatches I made on a bond paper and a scanned image of the design for you guys to see... I really like them! If you zoom in on the images you will see the details of each design more clearly...:)

  • I like the idea of putting all those designs in each image plate.
  • Saves storage space and isn't bulky compared to circular plates which only contains 4 - 8 designs.
  • Well-engraved.
  • The design selections are well picked. I like all the designs.
  • the edges are sharp because there is no protective cover tape at the back. But you can always buy some protect stickers.
  • The plastic protector that comes with it is very sticky and easy to tear. It took me some time to remove all the excess marks.
  • Some images are not visible (in letter K).
  • Cleaning takes time because of the large size.
-but all in all. I like them! ☺

XL "K" sample Batman and Ghostbuster Nail art
XL "A" stamp sample
XL "A" image plate
XL "B" stamp sample
XL "B" image plate
XL "C" stamp sample
XL "C" image plate
XL "D" stamp sample
XL "D" image plate
XL "I" stamp sample
XL "I" image plate
XL "K" image plate
XL "K" sample stamp
Hope you like them! God bless