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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi all! Belated happy hearts day everyone! ♥♥♥ Hope you had a lovely valentine, as for me I'm very very happy.. ☻ Anyway, Summer is fast approching here in the Philippines... It's very hot here nowadays. For summer nails, I made a simple mani using dried flowers. If you wish to buy some of them, Born Pretty have lots of nail art stuff including dried flowers. I love dried flowers so much. It looks like a lil'garden on my nails. I got the idea of hot air balloon from thriszha, I remember she made a manicure using this image plate last year. I also used konad m57 i.p. cloud design. It reminds me of the Disney movie "Up", my son love that movie so much that he used to watch it every night before going to sleep. He likes Kevin the big bird and the kid named Russell was so cute!
I like the finished product, it's really meant for summer.. Hope you like it too! God Bless you all!!
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Materials Used:
base: snowman light blue
san san warm blue
china glaze "sugar high"
china glaze "happy go lucky"
special polish: dark blue and blue
dried flowers
tweety rainbow glitz top coat
image plate: konad m79 and h17


  1. You always amaze me with your creative designs

  2. This is a really pretty mani. How clever! I love it. Looks fabulous on your gorgeous nails. Thanks for sharing.

  3. what a colorful nail design..I love it..Your very creative hun..^_^..

  4. hi mae, great nail design as always! :) i have balloons on my mind all week (hot air balloon fest here in clark just concluded!) so love love love this!

  5. Really beautiful! I've never tried dried flowers but they look so pretty on you I should give it a go too!

    I envy you for having almost summer already. Here it's been -31 in Celsius / -24 in Fahrenheit this week, brrrrrr...

  6. @joice: thanks hun! your very sweet!
    @v2: yes sis! swimming na! ☻
    @eileen: I'm glad you like it! thank you!
    @angie: thank you very much sis!
    @jan: thank you! ohhh that's really interesting.. I'd like to see that! ☻
    @doo: thanks so much hun, you should give it a try! I'm sure you'll love it..
    that never happens here.. ;)

  7. love it!

    so cute!

    1 question where do you get the H plates?


  8. this is so gorgeous!

    i'm jealous of your weather. we had 6 inches of snow last week,lol.

  9. Those dried flowers are awesome! I'll have to try that sometime later.

  10. wow gorgeous! I love your creativity!!! <3

  11. one of the best blog I've ever seen :) you are sooo amazing, love your nails and this design :)))

  12. Wow, just wow, i love this nail art!! U just helped me figure out how to use my dried flowers, thank u so much!