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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hi there, here's my entry for Winter Nail Art World Contest, I call it, "Mr. Snowman" even though we don't have winter season here in the Philippines, and it doesn't snow, when "Ber" months comes, that could only mean one thing, "Christmas is near". Carolers singing Christmas carols in the streets, Christmas decors starting to appear in every house, people buying gifts for their loved ones, these are the things that shows us that Christmas season has begun. I remember when I was a kid, I always put socks on our door, and wait for Santa's gift night after night. I miss being a kid, but it makes me happy just seeing my son appreciate the spirit of Christmas... Anyway, hope you like my Winter Manicure... I enjoyed making this....

What you need:
BNC #M68 n.p.
Amisy blue n.p.
Nail paint fengshangmei n.p.
french white n.p.
rhinestone (red circle)
decal ( star)
konad stamp kit
Image Plate:
amisy a05
fauxnad b07
fauxnad b35
fauxnad b47
fauxnad b 96

Nail Art Tutorial:Apply base coat, I used bnc # m68 sky blue nail polish ( just choose what color you like)Let it dry...Use sponge, ( I used sponge on the edges, and upper portion of my nail, for the snow effect)For my thumb design, I used fauxnad b47,b07,b96 and amisy a05 image plate, and I added star decals on it...For my index, middle, ring and pinkie... I used fauxnad b35, b07, and b47 image plate, i added red circle rhinestone on the snowman design.... Apply top coat if you want. Let it dry.... Here is the finished product. Hope you like it! God Bless


  1. ohhh... im so excited to see ur snowman!!! ohhh theres also no snow here in Abu Dhabi..akala ko pa naman meron... hahaahhhaha.. i miss the holiday season in manila... i miss the carolerz... & the puto bumbong!! putcha!! puto nga lang ang mahal na dito eh... hahahahhahaha

  2. hehehhee...hah? wheres the finished product so how we can like it? hahahahahah!!!i saw some entry na mga 3 entry na nakita ko... judging from ur plates that u used... i think ull have a chance to win... kz so far u pa lang nakita kong may snowman...sana lang mapili na tlga ung deserving baka alam mona naman.. balewala sa kanila ung over decorative & effort.. sabi nga ni kiko kung cno pa daw simple lang & walang effort un pa nananalo hahahahahahhaha....hayz... inform kita kapag may nakita pa kong ibang entry...may naisip nakong design simple lang pero d ko pa nagagawa hahahahaha... wait ko pa ung new plates ko hehehehe.. sana makahabol pa ung mga un...

  3. hahahaha... I will share it to you in ym... its very simple snowman... =) (pahiyang mode) kya ndi ko muna pnost un pix... hahahaha
    last night kumain kmi ng "puto bumbong" naisip tuloy kita... ndi nko m-CS oks na un position ni baby... and im glad its a boy!! next year uwi kau db? miss you sis! =)

  4. uu nga wag mo muna post...mostly mga nakita ko snow flakes.. ewan ko lang sa iba hah... kz snow flakes din sakin hahahahah.. pero may kasama pang iba... e d ok d kana cs.. mas ok un atliz wala kang tahi & madali pagaling mo.. sis dapat color brown ginamit mong color kay raindeer.. mostly nakita ko ung sa konad na snowflakes ang gamit nila

  5. this is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee.... hehehehe

  6. caren: san nio po nbili yung mga amisy plate nio?