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Friday, May 7, 2010


Hi all, thank GOD! it is a very good Saturday morning! Yay, I won two nail art contest at the same time! I am still disbelief over my two consecutive winnings.... I'm very happy...
Here are my entries that I submitted for beautopia nail art contest, the criteria and main objective of the contest is to be creative.... So here's how I made my mani.... When I was checking out her website, I was thinking, what is the best mani I have ever made so far.... I submitted a number of entries... As for my beautopia entry, the idea came when I saw her glittery background and her profile photo which is really cool... I wanted to draw her face on my nails but when I tried it, I wasn't able to do so, it is difficult and the finished product was awful, so instead of drawing it freehand, I decided to print her picture....
Here is the step by step Procedure:

  1. Print a picture of the design of your choice. Make sure it will fit the size of your nails, then cut it ( in my ring finger I print the title of her blog).
  2. Apply your desired background/ basecoat color. I chose powder pink nail polish, 2 coats of it. Let dry.
  3. Apply adhesive / or nail art glue and place the pre-cut pictures on your nails. Make sure you put it properly in place...
  4. I applied mixed glitter nail polish on the side part without n.p
  5. And last but not the least I applied top coat..
    It took some time to make it, but the finished product was awesome, and I'm pretty sure you guys will say the same thing.... God Bless you all!


Here is my winning entry for Karrie of beautopia nail art contest and the very nice PRIZES that I won...


  1. congratulations mae!!! i am not surprised that you won at all... you are a very creative and innovative! they definitely saw that in your entries. i'm so happy for you, really love your new stash too!!! xo, carla

  2. *thanks april ^.^

    *thank you Carla, I'm very flattered, those words means so much especially coming from you.. *hugs

  3. Congratulations! Love your colorful designs as always! I'm glad the prizes are as great and exciting as your designs :D

  4. You're creativity seems to be endless. I admire you for your unique ideas! Congrats again for winning 2 contests! By the way, enjoy the yummy Lindt easter bunnies. ;-)

  5. Very inventive, creative, and unique. No wonder you won twice. :)
    Great job and thanks for sharing how you did it,
    Susie who loves your blog!

  6. aww thanks susie, you always make me smile.. you are so sweet! thanks again.. =)

  7. Aw your so sweet to say I'm sweet! :o)
    Enjoy the day,

  8. congratulations! you are really talented. you deserve it :)

  9. Your wins were well deserved! your designs are beautiful!