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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nail Art Hauls

Hi all! been busy lately, being a full time mom is a big responsibility, Jaem and Jamir was sick last week caused by frequent change in weather, thank God they're okay now... Jaem also took his first periodical test and he also participated in "Linggo ng Wika" day, I'm very happy and I'm enjoying being a full time busy mom! :)

Btw, here are the items that I bought last week including the decals which I used in making the "Louis Vuitton Nails"...

the H series image plate and playboy i.p..

R.A.O.K came from thriszha of FAB UR NAILS .. Thanks again sis... :)
Slammin' red is very pretty on nails..

Love the shade of revlon lipstick... It really suits me.. thanks for the SG souvenir!

And Peggy Sage sticker made in france thank you sis love them all! :) mwaaah!

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  1. hi miss mae! thank God your kids are ok now :) oh, nice haul! dami! can't wait to see more of your nail arts^^ xoxo

  2. where did you get the water decals from!? those are so cool!!!!!!!!! i would love to try them!

  3. waaaaaaaaa.... ur welcome... now ko lang nakita dami ko pa lang nabigay sau..joke!! LOL!! enjoy ur hauls.. sis pano mo ginawang transparent bg ng pics mo .png ba yan?

  4. hahahaha...;)
    oo sis .png sya.. =)
    thanks again.. xo

  5. Isn't it great to be able to stay home with your kids? I love being a stay at home mom =). That's a neat haul you got there. lucky of you to have friends that give you things you love! I'd like to know too, where you got those decals. The skulls would be perfect for halloween =)

  6. ehh bakit ganun.. .png din ung mga ginagawa ko pero hindi sya transparent kapaqg inapload ko....waaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  7. @ locke - thanks sis, I'm also excited to use it.. :)

    @ Smita and kgamir -
    I bought it here, sad to say, she's not selling internationally.
    Kgamir, yes I love to stay at home with my kids, it's fun to see ur children grow :) skull decal is cool, I will try it next time.. Eventhough halloween is still months from now.. Lol