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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Color Craze

Does it look like fireworks, candy sprinkles or African printed clothes? :D
I woke up early this morning with lots of ideas lurking in my head...
Love to create new nail art design using my new image plate.. But it doesn't fit in accordance with what I have in mind... Hmmm... I'm having problem doing C-curve design on my right hand.. Hehehe .. I think this design is suited for summer because it is very colorful.. but summer is just a few months from now... lol! It looks like candy
sprinkles! What do you think? Do you like it..? I hope you do.. ☻Have a happy and colorful 2011 everyone! God bless
Products Used:
China Glaze "happy go lucky"
Etude House " gr605"
San San "warm blue"
Allue "crazy red'
Art Deco white
Aics blue for stamping
HB 31 image plate
The Face Shop top coat


  1. Oh, I love this! That plate - I have a few HB, but I don't think this is one of them..

    Looks like tie-dye !


  2. thank you very much tiff.. if you don't have this design, i'll get one for you.. ☻

  3. that's so pretty!
    i need to get konads though.
    -tiffany (also, haha)

  4. hahaha.. thank you tiffany.. :))

  5. Wow!! What an Amagination!! Awesome..I love it!!! Since your nails are long did you have to double stamp?

  6. @rmcandlelight: thanks a bunch hun,
    yes I stamped it twice with HB 31 image plate to make the design full..=)

  7. its amazing... where do you edit your pix... the one with floral design

  8. *thank you very much ladies! :)
    *merchamren: I stamped it twice to make the design full on my nails.
    *euzefelus: I used adobe photoshop to create the picture's background. :)

  9. Hi there i taggedd you for the stylish blogger award.

    congrats greetings tsiisfamke