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Friday, January 21, 2011

From Tiffani with Love! *pic heavy*

Hi all! Last Wednesday I received a huge package gift came from Tiffani.. Tiffani is my blogger friend, she's very kind and sweet.. I hope someday we meet in person.. Look at what Tiff gave me! Most of the stuff she gave me are the ones that I've been longing for. I love,love,love them all! I'm very excited to try them all! Love you tiff!

Christmas socks for my boys!

RBL gorgeous anne! and my very first MAC nail polish!!
Look my Jessica lil' paint cans! How cute is that??? And
Nail polish bottle that looks like a lightbulb!! Waahhh too cute!! ☻
Nail polishes in a cute pumpkin bottles! pick-a-boo!
Look at all the cute snowman babies! Yay cute!
lipgloss and eyeshadow! weeee!!
I love top coat glitters! woaaah!
hard candy nail polish and hard candy ring lippies!
body wash,eyeshadow,nail duo, cute tweezers,wet n wild nail polish,eyeliner duo!
pouch and card!! Thank you tiff you're very sweet! I know thank you is not enough!
Thanks again! :*
and here's my simple mani I made..
For you!

Hope you like it guys! God Bless you all!


  1. wow!!..Great hauls you have there..I love all of them.. Another creative mani from you.. Hope to see more from you..

  2. Wow look at all that great stuff! I'm jealous! lol

  3. what an awesome gift, such a great friend. I love the little paint bottles :)

  4. sis did you pay anything sa post office when you got the package?

  5. Tiffani is soooo awesome & sweet! what an awesome package :)

  6. this is such an incredible gift! and your mani, wow, so amazing. you have got to do a tutorial on that one.

  7. How about the blog Fab Ur Nails??? do you know her? has she left the blog?!

    loved the gifts! congrats!

  8. thanks Girls!
    I will make a tutorial for you kathy!
    aninha: she's on vacation.. ☻

  9. eu amei! unhas mais perfeitas que já vi! parabéns.