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Sunday, May 30, 2010

new haul, prize and notd *pic heavy*

Hi all ..I'm very happy, I already received my giveaway package which came from Rebekah of "fortheloveofnails", she also included a Bloom Bianca nail polish freebie which is a very high quality pigmentated nail polish, the h&m and marks and spencer neon nail polish are very impressive... Thanks Rebekah, i love them all ! Can't wait to use it on my nail and have some swatches of it...

I also received the items which came from Locke of "locofashion"... These items are part of the trade deal between me and Locke. I love all the items she included in our swap, she's very generous and sweet, you better check out her blog...
Look , my very first elianto nail polish.. the colors are great especially the aspen green, my fav color.. she also gave me fimos, the skull.. yay love it! various face masks, nyx lipstick, concealer, lip moisturizer... I love them all! Again, thanks Locke... Take a look at the picture!here are the items I received from Locke..
And last but not the least....I know some of you already knew thriszha of "fab ur nails" Guess what...?? Thriszha and I met yesterday at our house, sorry guys, we don't have much time to take pictures... because she's in a hurry.. But here are the
special goodies she gave me...P49 chez-delaney image plate the one I've been longing for.. S09 M70 and B100 image plate...My very first china glaze, aics nail polish and more... Thank you sis! I'm very happy! Hope we see each other again in the near future...
And don't forget to vote for her spring and animal theme entries.
Link here: spring thelacquerfiles
Here's my NOTD using my new stuff...
hope you like it! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!


  1. So glad it reached you safe and sound! looks the same as when I packed it lol Glad you like em

    wow awesome swappy packages :)

    As always flawless nail art from you hun!! I am waiting on some image plates atm from Hong kong, cant wait to play with those :)

  2. you're very welcome Ms. Mae =)nice, congrats for winning and that NOTD is rockin' =)xoxo

  3. great haulz!!! dont worry sis next time we will spent more time together or rather i'LL sleep over in ur house!! happy polishing!! xoxo!! as always U made a FABULOUS nail design!!!! xoxo!! until then...

  4. very cute!!! i heart skulls - great haul too, must be a lot of fun!

  5. wow! i'm sooo happy for you. i love elianto. i had a few and they are nice :) my first china glaze bottles came last week -- pasalubong from a friend from the US. hehehe

  6. Just found your awesome blog and congrats on winning the giveaway! Your mani is just stunning :)

    Please check out my blog

    Thank you :)

  7. Well, a lot of beatiful new things !!!!! very cool for you :)
    I love your nail art, as usual, this one is very funy ans original, I love it ^^

  8. I LOVE the skulls and great haul!! Your manis just florr me for sure. They are always so perfect. I always look forward to new posts. BTW your blogroll has my old website address (I added the word THE in front) and messed everyone up lol. You may want to update it :) :)

  9. Wow Mae you totally deserve all the good things coming your way. Happy playing!

  10. oooooo love your packages, love your plates... and love your skull!!! <3 <3 <3

  11. Your first China Glaze? But hadn't you won the beautopia contest?

  12. @anonymous
    yes I won on beautopia nail art contest, but I haven't received it yet. I will post it ASAP once the package arrive. :)

  13. hi~ just want to ask :) where did you get to buy those stamp kits? and how much? :)