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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random Nail Art

Hi all,
I've been busy this past week and it is just now that I found time to update my blog, I was very happy yesterday because it was Jaem's recognition night in pre-elementary school. We are very proud of our son because it is just his first year in school and he already landed 4th place in their overall standing in class. Not to mention that he is a year younger than his classmates, and all of his classmates are already on their second year in school because they attended nursery which Jaem wasn't able to attend because at the start of the school year last June, their teacher said he was already qualified to attend kindergarten because he superseded everyone in nursery just on the first week of class. He also got the "most enthusiastic award".. I love you Jaem.. You always make my day complete with your smile and positive outlook..
Btw here are some of my NOTD, hope you like them! God bless you all!

Green Bamboo Inspired
Base coat: yellow + white sponge technique
Special polish: green and black
Image plate: h23 and b64
base coat: opi ds vintage
black crack polish
special polish: white
avon top coat
image plate H29
Hart Foundation Inspired
Base: Chg sugar high
Special polish: white and pink
image plate: konad m70
B116 and h17
my cousin's nail art which I made ☻
green version of hart foundation


  1. They are all sooo beautiful! Congrats to Jaem!!!

  2. you are invited to follow my blog

  3. all of them are too pretty!! especially the swirl!

  4. Awesome manis!
    I love them all!

  5. they are gorgeous! Congrats Jaem! <3

  6. They all look awesome!

  7. I'm sure that you're one proud mama! :)

    What's that OPI polish after the bamboo nail art? Looks nice!

  8. Thanks, Ladies! ♥
    @rins: thank you sis, it's opi ds vintage holo n.p.. ☻

  9. very pretty nails! love the holo