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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hi guys, I submitted my nail art entry for "Bundle Monster Nail Art Contest" on facebook.. I enjoyed doing my design, I really like the finished product. In my design, I used 4 different bundle monster image plates. I made something new and I think this one is my all-time fave mani to date... I named it "Urban Life", because it shows a glimpse of what the city looks like during a busy day and what it's like at night... I used 3 different color for base coat, green, yellow, and black..The green represents trees and shrubs which can only be found on parks located within the city. I used abstract design BM12 for it. The yellow is to show the city during daytime, usually busy and passes by fast unlike in rural areas where life is simple and more relaxed. I used BM03 for that. And the black is to show the images of high rise buildings at night, I used BM17 and BM15...
Btw, pls support me by voting for my entry thru facebook. Voting starts on the 13th of April. The winners will be decided by whoever gets the most numbers of "LIKE".... Hope you will vote for me... Thank you very much in advance and God bless!
Bundle Monster Image Plates I used:
Bundle Monster will also release their new set of image plates ( 25 pcs of image plates per set or a total of 150 designs )... Here's the preview. You can also view it on facebook for more info...Click here ☺


  1. Wow this looks absolutely gorgeous! You have my vote!

  2. thank you very much Paulina and TheNailAddict! ☻

  3. you are my master, your nail are absolutely perfect, ever, masterpieces. i want the new bunder moster plates, i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant. snif snif

  4. awesome design!!! im definitely voting for you!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous and creative as usual.. I'll vote for you and good luck..^_^..

  6. Thats amazing.. Wow you are SOOO creative!