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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Light and Funky

Hi all, This weekend mani was inspired by Lolita, I tried different styles this time. This is not my usual style! =) but I want to try something new and try different art for nails, recently when I was browsing blogs, I saw a certain lace style, I can't remember from whose blog I saw it from,please let me know if you have any knowledge of the origin. When I saw it, I was instantly moved, it looks great on nails, I don't know if this one suits your taste...
I used bobbie vodka on ice for the base coat, black lace and added some rhinestones...

direct sun light

close up

For the second mani, I named it "Flaming Skull" , I like this punky nail art, I used konad solid white for the base coat, M42 fauxnad skull i.p and amisy F05 fire i.p .. when you look at it, it seems like the post of thriszha, she made a mani entitled "Kiss Me" . I like the combination of colors she used...
Which of the two is your fav? light or punky??
I'm looking for bow, pearl, rose, and dried flower for nail art... Let me know if you have an idea where I can acquire them... thank you!

Hope you like them! Have a great weekend everyone! God Bless
Thanks tassas for the Sweet Blog Award!


  1. my fav is the light one. It's very beautiful!

  2. FABULOUS!! I LOVE THEM BOTH? di ba madaling matanggal kapag lace? sis I have the pearl beads & the rose? wanna swap again?? LOL!! may nakita akong bows dati sa abu dhabi kaso d ko binili di kz sya maganda...naka umbok sya sa nails kz acrylic made sya...ang wala ako ung dried flowers...

  3. sis eto oh...
    i have an extra piece of those rose, pearl beads but in color blue or pink yata... ung black ko 1 nalang un eh.. just let me know kung gus2 mo or hanap ka nalang muna sa ibang blogger kapag wala kang nahanap just let me know if ur interested or else i'll put them on my for sale items on multi.. LOL!!

  4. whoa!!! i love the lacey nails! super gothic nga =) do more gothic styles and colors :)

  5. *thanks sis.. cge send mo pag my time ka.. hehehehe pag may pang trade nko send ko nlang sau... hahahaha

    *hi locke thank you, cge I will do more design like that! =)

  6. i love the lace mani! and those dried flowers & roses...i want some too ! haha

  7. hi mae, i tagged you for an award :)

  8. thanks so much katrina... =)

    thank you jan for the award.. ;)

  9. The lace manicure is STUNNING!!

  10. I've seen lace nails on youtube nail tutorials and yours are beautiful!! <3

    Btw, you can purcahse pearl beads, dried flowers and roses from ebay. I am still yet to find bows for nail art such as the one you pictured. But i know ebay also has pearl bows. Hope that helps :)

  11. love the lace! you are sooo amazing! xoxo

  12. Great Job - I've seen something similar on Love4Nails channel on youtube but can't think of an actual blog. I've been wanting to try this and then I keep forgetting. lovely...

  13. I like the second mani!!!! but they're both pretty!!!!

  14. I love your first mani, gorgeous......I love to wear one like this :)

  15. all your creations are gorgeous... but this mani is one of my favorites!!!