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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hi all! I miss blogging, I've been busy this week because my kid started going to school...Anyway, I have lots of Notds that I wanna share with you guys, the first photo is my entry on polishhoarderdisorder weekly challenge, it was fun for me to participate on her weekly challenge, the theme is analogous, e.g yellow, yellow-green, green
In my design I used sponge technique in diagonal pattern, then stamped it with konad m70 on the cuticle portion and konad m81 image plate on the tip..
Analogous Mani

I like this pink shade nail polish,very opaque after 2 coats, some pink shade nail polish make my hand appear a bit dark but this one is perfect for my skin tone. I also like the tiny glits...The bottle is very cute too..The one thing I don't like in this nail polish is rough finish.

china glaze flying dragon
konad m78
white special polish
thefaceshop top coat

small haul

The difference between the two nail polish. The nail polish in the left side picture has tiny blue rainbow glitters.. But it is not very visible here in the pix.

Hope you like them! Happy weekend everyone! God Bless


  1. i love the colors u chose and u know i always think ur designs are nice

  2. I love that pink and the bottle. What brand is it? As usual your nails are beautiful, I love the contest entry mani... :)

  3. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffff so beautiful ^^^last week I used the design of m70 plate for a french !!
    These blue glitter seems wonderful !!

    i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want !!

  5. very nice colors ..I love them all:X

  6. *hi suzanne! thank you very much,the name of the n.p is "bluecharm" I think it's a korean brand n.p..=)

    *thanks lily I will visit and join to your giveaway, tnx for the info hun.. =)

    saori and kory thanks a bunch girls!

  7. Your nails are gorgeous! I like the pink with the black lines best!

  8. hi miss mae~ those are lovely nails!

  9. love it.. sis bluecharm is a china polish brand XD

  10. I really like the cracked look. I definitely need to get that plate!

  11. love them... you are so amazing!

  12. Wow, such nice ones. My fav is second one, no the third one......well maybe the first. :)

  13. thanks tasha.. :)

    thank you locke.. how are you? =)

    thanks sis.. china pla un.. kla ko korean made... lol

    thanks nikki.. just want to ask have you already receive your prize on beautopia nail art contest? bec I haven't received mine yet. :(
    post office here takes 4-5 weeks to deliver the package international.. so sad

    thanks carla.. I also love your drawing fantastic!

    hello susie, thank you! =)

  14. Hello mae... haven't post comments on your blog... i was out of my world these few days!!!!

    love all your manis... and I WANT that Konad M70!!!! ;)

  15. it's ok elsa how are you? yes m70 is so pretty.. I also like your mani.. my bm will arrive most probably this end of june...can't wait to use it on my nails.. =)

  16. Very glam, Mae, as always. And always done with mad skillz. I really envy you that.