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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Angry Birds Nails + Random Nailart

Hi guys,
How time flies, it's july again! Yay!
Season changes, so does my nails... I cut my nails short again, I missed doing stuff with my short nails, now I can.... I want to challenge myself to do nail art even if it is short..
I thank you all guys for all your comments and for appreciating my work!
It's very heart warming when you see other people happy...
Anyway, here's my "Angry Bird" design.
I really like this game, actually I finished it and now i'm playing angry birds rio! hehehe... So addicted to it, a very fun game..

Zipper nails!

I saw this kind of "tutOrial pix" on PHD I really like the way she shot the pictures, very detailed and well focused...
Tooth nails!
I love it! My hubby requested for me to do this design.. Hehehe
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Hope you like them! God Bless


  1. nice... angry birds design is so much in these days heheheh! me bm plates ka ba sis na bagong labas? ok ba ung images nya kasi ung una mejo mababaw e

  2. hehehe thanks oo nga.. cute ksi..
    yup meron na.. oks nman un new BM more on full nail design sila kaya oks.. eto sis..

  3. your angry bird's are so detailed! i also like the zipper design. beautiful work!!!

  4. @enamel girl: thanks sweetie! I'm glad you like it!

  5. Nossa eu amei a decoração do Angry birds
    eu adoro esse jogo
    sou viciada nele, e as unhas ficaram maravilhosas,
    na verdade todas ficaram... amei o trabalho...

  6. Tooo cute with the teeth . (: Love it .

  7. Aaaw, I love all three designs!!!

  8. joining the giveaway! followed you pala :)

  9. Suas unhas são linda grandes ou curtas!
    E o seu trabalho é divino, sempre com muitos detalhes e capricho, parabéns.
    Tem um selo pra você em meu blog:

  10. thanks ladies!
    @diva: muito obrigado! beijinhos

  11. i love the angry birds design its so cute!

    shel xx