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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy POOH day! ♥

Hi guys, it's my friend's birthday on June 11, she's very talented and is like a sister to me. She's very thoughtful, sweet, and a pooh addict! I know some of you have already visited her colorful site, I'm happy that even though we haven't met each other in person yet, I know in heart that in good and bad times she'll be there for me.. Hope we'll get to see each other someday.. I made a special mani for her birthday! I named it "Colorful Bless". I chose gingerbread design, gingerbread is a term used to describe a variety of sweet food..Hope you like it BLESS, it's not pooh but I made it colorful for you! Happy birthday sis! Love you all VOLTES5! hehehe Friends forever! :D
I also made a Chinese Pattern inspired nail design. Hope yo
u like them! God bless you all!


  1. wowwww thank you so much mae-hal i will never forget this. this is the best gift i ever received thank you so so so much =)

  2. so cooooool!
    The first is my favorite!!

  3. I love your work ...
    You really is a great professional ...

  4. Happy Birthday (early) sweet Bless!

    Great manis! I always love your designs...


  5. aww thanks tiff i love you and mae =)

  6. I love these . They are so beautiful . I wish I had this kind of talent .

  7. THESE ARE ALLLL AWESOME!!! Gosh just perfect =D

  8. OOOH what a great idea for that square filigree stamp and those fans! ADORE! Now i know how to use it! :D

  9. I LOVE the colorful ones (first 2) especially. Very pretty and summery!

  10. may god bless these creative hands ,i love your work