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Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Love Piano

Hi guys,
This design was requested by Nill.. I didn't hesitated to make it when she requested for it because it reminded me of my friend when I was in college, her name is Laurice. She's a very talented musician/artist. She's like a sister to me. We've been through good and bad times. She loves to play the piano, and is very good in freehand drawing.. But I haven't seen her for a long time.. I miss her so much.. Hope she's doing fine... ☺
Materials Used:
white pumpkin nail polish
black ianti
konad black special polish
bundle monster BM207
Hope you like them.. God bless you all ♥


  1. Very beautiful.
    Piano is very chic.
    You have an amazing talent!
    Congratulations, God be with you

  2. nice sis!!! hope you can help a fellow blogger/nail art fanatic who is only a beginner. pa visit naman at pa follow.


  3. wow! are those your real nails?! super long. envy! :D pinay blogger here! Oh, you really have a very lovely blog deary. Definitely going to follow you! BTW. I'm having my birthday giveaway. If you might wanna join, here's the link Misskatv's Birthday Giveaway!

  4. Hi beautiful! I loved his work, was wonderful, I loved it.
    I also love the piano ...
    Kisses, thank you for answering my request.


  5. You're so talented!
    And you're blog inspires me for my own nails!
    I reallly love your blog!

  6. Wow! Ganda :D parang freehand :D Galing talaga..

  7. Beautiful and elegant! I want to try my hand at this one for sure! Thanks for the lovely pics. <3

  8. I loved!!! You have good taste, congratulations.
    Look at my blog, will be an honor to have her as a follower!!