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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hand Painting + Modern Bamboo + Black Rose

Hi all, while I was browsing last night, I stumbled upon a hand painting which made me want to try it.. Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to draw and paint..When I woke up this morning, I was in the mood and I gave it a try, here's my new obra, hope you like it!

Materials Used:
88 palette eyeshadow
Nichido liquid eyeliner
Thumb nail "allue crazy red" n.p
Index nail "allue black night out" n.p

And here's the mani I made before I cut my nails short...I'm going to take driving lessons, long fingernails are a bit of a distraction and hassle, that's why I cut my nails back to its supposed to be length.. I named it "Modern Bamboo"..

And last but not the least... Johanne (thriszha) of FAB UR NAILS went over to our house last Sept. 26 together with Cheska. I'm glad to see you again sis, we did a lot of things,.. Thanks for all the tips and for the advanced bday gift for me! She gave me a Black Rose nail polish and some other goodies! I would say if you are with thriszha there is no dull moment.. miss you! thanks again sis! Mwahhh


  1. sis that is so cool! is that a pecan bird? i love it!

    BTW we have the same mani hehehe! though I used different pastel colors as polka! :P

  2. Thanks sis. Yes it is a pecan bird, actually I forgot the name of that bird. lol anyway, i saw your pastel polka on your multiply account and it looks good! Happy birthday!

  3. Very cool! Good luck with your driving lessons.

  4. Fist pic is awesome, well done, I recognized the pecan :) I love your nail art bambou, completely the style that I love :)
    Well I see that I disappear from you blog roll, I hope sometimes you're visiting me :( Anyway I'll continue to participate to your weekly challenge ^^, thank for this organization XF

  5. Hi saori, i didn't know I erased you from my blogroll list, maybe it's because of the new background that I installed, must've been some sort of conflict. I'll just add you again.. sorry for that, i will fix it later, and thank you for participating on our weekly challenge..

  6. I love the background for the bamboos, it's really oriental and not red/gold. The chinese words are funny though. They're just very random words, it makes me laugh.

  7. wow! that hand painting is so awesome! know whats weird? i just found a bottle of pink polish in a rose bottle like yours in my house yesterday! haha

  8. @cheryl..thanks! sorry I don't understand what's the meaning of that chinese words.. just stamped it into my nails..hahahaha =)

    @Katrina thanks, wow pink rose nail polish ...cute! =)

  9. I would LOve to have some polishes in rose shaped bottles! How was the formula on that one? So so cool!

    The hand painting is really cool! it reminds me of when my brother and I used to make shadow birds on our bedroom wall!

    Your manis are always so lovely! I haven't seen one of your I don't love!

  10. aww thanks JQ you're very sweet, yes hon the formula was great its opaque after 2 coats.. I really like it..

  11. wow! The hand painting is wonderful! compliments!!!! and your art on nails is unique! <3

  12. coool! ehh yes i must cut nails too. but i like your art!

  13. That bamboo design is absolutely awesome!

  14. wow! this is such gorgeous hand painting! very realistic!
    love your nail art!

  15. thank you very much slyvia and anastacia! xo

  16. i love that bamboo! :) it looks great!
    good luck with driving!

  17. wow. you did an awesome job with the hand painting and i can't believe you cut your nails down!!!

    i can't wait to see the nail art you do on your new nail length!!!