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Saturday, July 24, 2010

PHD Color-Accent Challenge + Chameleon-like Nail polish

Hi all! I miss joining polishhoarderdisorder weekly challenge, I'm happy I was able to participate again this week... Here is my entry for this week. The theme is Color- Accent (grayscale)...I used blue,white, and gray as base. Then used sponge technique in vertical pattern, then I stamped it with BM12 ( this is my first bm nail art design..and to complete the grayscale pattern I used black special polish for the chain design...
check out her site to see all lovely entries...

I'm curious about color changing claire's mood nail polish, so at the time that package arrived I was very eager to use it.. :) now I know how the claires polish change from one color to another, first I applied two coats of daring to innocent.. When I dipped my hands in cold water, it turned gray, then I placed my hands in direct sunlight, from gray it changed to yellowish beige... I was so amazed! As if I was a 10 year old kid seeing a chameleon for the first time.. Hahaha.. These are the different shots I captured.. Hope you like them! God bless

direct sun light/light box
materials used:
claires daring-innocent
thefaceshop top coat
chg "happy go lucky"
blue charm #43 white
fauxnad b08

thanks tiff (
yardsticks4lunatics) for this! xo


  1. Your manicure in the challenge was one of my favorites! And thanks for showing us the color changing polishes.

  2. thanks a bunch hon, I'm glad you like it! :*)

  3. love your creations! great job!

  4. wow, i love the shades u created wit blue n silver. How are claires nail polish?

  5. Your nails are awesome! And great job on the challenge! :)

  6. awesome!! this is my fave claires mood polish...

  7. thanks ladies! =)
    @miss pinks, i love the color changing effect of claires n.p, in terms of quality, it chips after 2-3 days, but i like it though.. =)

  8. Wow.. I loved your blog and nails!!!
    (I'm Brazilian, and I speak english so so)
    In my blog have many pictures of my nails! I desing my nails!
    If you want, you can look!
    I'm following you!

    Kiss.. bye