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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hi here's my entry on Kayla of glamgeekchic nail art contest, I named my mani "Oneirology" meaning scientific study of dreams, when I saw the picture which is to be interpreted, lots of ideas came into mind... The model picture show lots of colorful lights... Those images sometimes only appears in our dreams... When you look at them, they seem like an abstract picture which shows only the silhouette image similar to dreams. Sometimes, dreams are not fully clear... In my design, I drew a sleeping lady with lots of colors, lines, and rhinestones which symbolizes thoughts, images, sounds, and emotions which we experience when we are sleeping. And the ring finger's swirl design means the content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, which up to now hasn't been fully explained by dream experts.

Pls. vote for my entry..." Mae's Dream" ..
note: only the followers of glamgeekchic are allowed to vote..if you are a follower of kayla you can vote for me.. thank you..

model picture which is to be interpreted
What you need:
nail art pen brush diff.color
dotting tool
nail art brush
and diff kind of n.p

hope you like it.. God Bless


  1. Amazing! I love the colors and the design idea. The name is perfect!

  2. OMGISH. That is stunning! What a work of art.

  3. nice........galing mo tlga sa free-hand!!

  4. thank you chell,lavender and thriszha... xoxo

  5. this is a very intriging design. it is so pretty well pretty isnt even the word i want to use. it is to complex for pretty but i do like it alot.

  6. thank you so much ladies for all the sweet comments! xoxo

  7. i really love this, its so artsy and cool!

  8. Always stunning! This is real art on your fingers. WOOOOW!