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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hi all, sorry for my late late post, yay i miss blogging a lot, I have a lot of pix I want to share with you guys... First, my Skin Md package which came from sweet Allya of paintedtips my price in Vday Contest, second RAOK from SHEY she gave me lots of nail polish, a strawberry jam and a coin purse from Baguio City. Then my mini haul. And last but not the least, my NOTD i made for my lil' sister, my cousin and my latest mani.. Hope you like them....
direct sunlight
with flash
with flash

Stay tune for holy week pictures.
And also don't forget to vote for my entry #4 Branching Out cherry blossom nails, here is the link:
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RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) from shey

PACKAGE came from Allya my Vday Price
My Lil' sister's Mani that I made

My Cousin's Mani that I made

Mini Haul =)
candy swirl


  1. Mae, you never cease to amaze!!! Ibang level!!!
    By the way, I don't mind your asking, I'm evangelical Christian. ;)

  2. hi jo thank you so much.., tlga, were sister's in Christ... =)

  3. Your cousin's mani is SUPER cute!!! Holy week pix... interesting! I can't wait! :)

  4. nice hauls... dami mo ng polish.. d na pala kita kelangan bigyan ng polish eh..LOL thanks for the comment sis!! c u soon!!!

  5. nice hauls... waaaaa dami mona pala polishes eh... ok lang pala kahit d na kita bigyan.. hahaha!!! c u soon sissy!!

  6. i love the korean mani!!! did you use a stamp for that or freehand? its so awesome!

  7. thanks FitterTwit I'm also excited.. ;)

    @ thriszha,lapit kana nga pla umuwi.. daya mo dapat my pasalubong kmi ni joan...hehehe

    aww thanks niki, I used m43 konad i.p..
    btw, i like your freehand NOTD you Rock! =)

  8. Hey you have done a lot of work !!!! Great and I love your last pictures ;)

  9. Thanks saori, its been a week since my last update...

  10. Thanks saori, its been a week since my last update... :)