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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Perfect Pair

Hi, have a great Sunday everyone, last night I can't sleep... So I decided to do a research for my new layout and change my logo at the same time... It was already 1am when I fell asleep... And when I woke up this morning, I came up with a nail art design that will blend with my new theme, it's green and blue with a touch of brown and flower, here's the "Perfect Pair" NOTD that I made. I divided the two colors, green and blue posh nail polish, I chose m63 konad image plate because it looks like a tribal design similar to my background, and I added flower rhinestones on it....Hope you like it!!


  1. Beautiful! The pattern really does go well with your background!

  2. I love it! It's like grass and sky bathing in sunlight with prettiest flower - pure summer on your fingertips LOL

  3. Very cheerfull!!
    Made me smile, so all good! =)

  4. what did you use for the stamping?

  5. WOAH, this is awesome!!! Such a pretty mani and great idea :) Love the chocolate pearls you're holding too!

  6. wow, looks so artful, i will try this one on my nails for sure :O)

  7. I love the idea! Don't like the colors, but the idea is genious. =)

  8. Thanks moodpuppet, got that idea from my background.. =)

    thank you doo, summer is fast approaching here in the philippines.. =)

    Im glad you like it thess!

    Hi sis, I used ordinary no name nail polish on stamping, i will upload the photo soon

    Tnx mary ann!

    Thanks konadomania, and congrats on 300 followers!

    Thanks brooke, love the pearl also =)

    Aww thanks miss pinkz!

    Tnx nihrida, I love bright and living colors I will try another combi nxt tym... ;)

    Thank you so much gildedangel...

    Thank you tips on nails... =)

  9. wow! great idea! and the combo of colour is gorgeous =)

  10. Wow, Mae, unbelievable, as usual. Love your combination of colors and design for this. You have such an eye!

  11. thanks jo, love to experiment and mix up with two different colors.. Im so happy you like my work.. =)btw, how are you?

  12. so beautiful !!!!!!!!! like spring !!! ♥♥

  13. this is really creative, it even gave me an idea to do my nails, so thanx

  14. Great choice of colors et design is perfect !!!! I love it

  15. this is beautiful!!!! and also one of my favorite konad designs!!