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Friday, November 6, 2009


Hi, I have good news!! I bagged the 1st prize in the recent Winter Nail Art Contest organized by Liza of " nailartworld ". Even though I only had 36 votes, I still won. That means I won not because of votes but of my design itself, and that makes it way much sweeter!!! hehehe.... thank you very much for those who voted me...=)



Also just want you to know that any day now I'll be giving birth to my 2ND baby, and I think this will be my last post for this month, but don't worry I'll be back soon. Anyway, I already submitted my Autumn entry for Ms. Barbara of POLISH-LOUNGE , visit her site for more info, contest ends on November 15, 2009... Here is my AUTUMN nail art design, I call it "FALLEN LEAVES"..I used amisy yellow, sassy fire opal nail polish, and amisy yellow for the base coat. ( I made this by using marble technique) I used real clover for nail art design, and applied top coat. Hope you like it, thanks for supporting and viewing my site... God Bless


Here is my latest NOTD


Pls visit Diana of "paintedladyfingers" for her new contest thanks..
God Bless... =)

also I want to thank ..
essenceadicta and moncoinamoua for tagging me! =)


  1. Congratulations on your win! You created a very festive snow scene. I love your fall manicure too! I have been really curious about using plant materials like dried leaves and flowers.

    Best wishes on the birth of your second child.

  2. thanks diana, I'm so excited with my new baby, this is my first time to try marbling and used real clover design,I like the finished autumn I made... =)

  3. Congrats! And the Fallen Leaves look amazing too! I picked some clovers during the summer too but I seem to have misplaced them somewhere LOL

    I wish you a smooth birth. Take your time to relax before the big day :)

  4. Congratulations! What a gorgeous mani! Very pleased for you! Congratulations on your new arrival any day. You're a lucky lady! :)

  5. did u draw ur autmn urself ?
    how ? :)
    uhmm . anyway .. congratz ..
    is that prize the matte version of polish ?

  6. thanks nadia,for my autumn design, I used marble technique, and real clover, yes zoya matte winter collection n.p. =)

  7. Congratulations for winning the contest, your design was really very cute:)

    Best wishes for you and your new baby

  8. I hope you'll have an easy birth. I loved your manicure. Really nice winter scence nails. Your Autumn manicure is really beautiful. I love your use of color and also the real clover! Beautiful.

  9. thank you lucy for appreciating my work of art...
    it's nice to hear compliments...

    thank you all, ladies...

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love all of your designs!

  11. Congrats! I loved your desing too! its so cute!
    Best wishes for your family and your new baby!

  12. waaaaaaaaa... yay!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee.... i dont know but everyday i send msges to u on ym but u didnt reply.. anyways im so excited for ur 2nd boy.. weeeeeeeeee.... pls. keep me posted...
    waaaaa... im so excited to see my godchild soon when i go back Manila...take care sweety!! gratz.. i love ur autumn nails u really rock girl!!!

  13. Sorry sis, i havent rcv any msg, and we moved on to our new house, thanks sis, i miss you! im very excited to see my 2nd baby boy, tc, belated happy bday to kiko and hi to cheska... God Bless

  14. sis wala akong nareciv na offline mo... weeeeeeeeeee... may gawa n akong autumn nails pero d ko pa napapasa kay loungie kz d ko pa sya naedit...ganda ng gawa mo hehehehe ewan ko nalng kapag may gumaya pa nyang naisip mo hahahahaa... sis arbor ako ng 1 matte polish hah..kahit anong color ok lang..hehehehhe ingatz..miss u more sissy..

  15. wow that's a real clover ? hmm .. how creative are you >.<
    hyaa .. the matte one >.<
    will you use that and take a photo of that ? :)~[with no art just plain :D] ehehe .. wanna see xD

  16. OOOOOOOO MR. SNOWMAN!!! love love love!!!