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Friday, June 4, 2010

Violet Glam Reinforcement

Hi all, Are you looking for high quality branded nail polish that are not too expensive and available here in the Philippines?? Why not try using san san cosmetics nail polish... 2 coat is thick enough and has a glossy finish, it is quick-drying and doesn't chip even after I wash dishes.
note: san san doesn't compensate me to advertise their product, it is my own opinion..thanks to locke of locofashion, she's the one who gave it to me...
Anyway, in the second photo I applied 2 coats, look how shiny and opaque it is, unlike some other local brands that I used e.g. caronia.. San san is more shiny and dries quickly..
I will do a comparison review next time.. San san vs. Caronia, wait for it... Hope you like it!
God Bless you all..

Day 1

Day2 with m79 konad image plate design

Day3 I added reinforcement sticker (thanks thriszha for the r.sticker!)
and I applied yellow neon marks & spencer on top then stamped it with m79 konad image plate.


Materials Used:
sansan nail polish violet glam
konad dark purple s.p
white s.p
neon yellow marks & spencer
m79 konad image plate
reinforcement sticker

and thanks Andreea of frumusikapro for the Stylish blogger Award!
Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. wow gorgeous! yellow and purple are a perfect combo! and the add of the stamp is really a stroke of genius!!!!

  2. thank you andreea and serena_nuvola.. I'm glad you like it!

  3. gurl, where do you buy san san? want to try it too :)

    nice mani, i like it!

  4. purple & yellow are great combi

  5. thanks jan.. trade item nmin yan ni locke.. but available in hbc store..

    thanks sis.. great combo nga... ube keso! lol

  6. Which talent you have !!!! Wonderful :)

  7. Hey!

    I love your nail art. You do such an amazing things. Bravo, girl! :)

  8. wow, these are lovely! i really adore the patterns! xo, carla (btw, i love the new look of your blog)

  9. thank you ladies! xoxo

    hi carla, I'm glad you love my new layout I replace the old one because the picture does not appear properly... :)

  10. my bestie changed her page!! i like this the colors compliment each other well

  11. I love, i love!!!

    BTW what's reinforcement stickers?

    thanks! ;)

  12. thanks sis..It's like french tip guide sticker, the difference between them, reinforcement sticker is circle like the picture above in materials used . =)