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Friday, June 11, 2010

Guest List + nail foil + gift

Hi all! Just a quick post for my NOTD..I used the Ciate Paint Pots Guest List.. I love the color of this nail polish, the application is great and I think it suits my skin tone... What do you think?? =)
I used m79 konad image plate for the design and white special polish..
different shots
Here's another NOTD, using nail art foil, I used estee lauder bronze medal#10 for the base coat and peach burst nail foil.

light box
Close up direct sunlight
Last but not the least,a gift that I received which came from Davao city and TheFaceShop top coat..
ref magnet and key chain look how cute it is! =)

Hope you like them! I will update more tomorrow!
God Bless you all! happy weekend everyone!


  1. So lovely!! I think you are my nail twin. ha ha!! I want to try foils what top coat do you apply over your foils? What program are you using for on the foil pictures? So for all the question. I love your blog it is so awesome!!!

  2. That shade looks gorgeous on you ! I also love the pattern :)

  3. rmcandlelight..yay thanks hun, I used local brand top coat... i try to use thefaceshop next time it's korean brand, and for the pix,i used adobe photoshop for editing, thanks a lot ! :)

    ayuu and c.lette... thank you! :)

  4. love the polka dots.. and that nail foil is very stunning!!! sis, could u make review about TFS top coat? are theyre fast drying top coat?

  5. thanks sis i will make a review on TFS on my next post, i haven't tried it yet. yes i love the rainbow effect of that nail foil.. :)

  6. Both manicures are so cool.
    So creative,

  7. Ahhh the brown and polka dots are so cute! I'd so love to try the Ciate Paint Pots, the bottles are just so nice.

    The nail foil looks awesome - could you do a tut on how you do it?

  8. Hi Miss Mae! another stunning set of nails :) i love the foils *drooling* oh, the nail polish looks like dark chocolates.yum! :p

  9. thanks a bunch susie! =)

    'chelle I will make a tutorial I'm not so familiar with video editing.. but I will try.. =)

    locke, thank you very much! so happy you like them! =)

  10. These designs are gorgeous hun! You do a fab job :)