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Friday, February 5, 2010

vday mani + new image plate

Don't forget to visit Parokeets' blog she's having another great valentine giveaway...
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  1. wow! the image plates are delicious! especially the number CG-06! *love*
    I too have recently purchased some brushes like yours, but my brushes have a white-handled! ^^
    I've bought them on ebay. where you've purchased all the products?

  2. OMG, I so want a Mickey Mouse plate! Amazing mani's

  3. Very cute designs, and I can't wait to see what you do with all of those plates!

  4. where did you find all these plates? I have most of them, but I have trouble finding some of the others.
    these are great!

  5. Those plates are too cute and so are your nails!
    I love the second mani! Very V-day appropriate.

  6. Nice haul! The red mani is gorgeous!

  7. wow.. sis astig...l. cute ng mickey mouse plate mo...sis kay beada mo ba binili yang mickey mouse mo.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....bili mo naman ako.. swap ko ng china glaze emerald sparkle plsssssssssssssssss

  8. Really cute.
    Could you tell me where you got those image plates. Lots of cute designs. :)

  9. I purchased them all from a friend in multiply, but she's not selling internationally :(
    The good news is, she's planning to do so this year, I'm very happy to be able to acquire all of them, I was very eager to try and use them once they were delivered.. :)
    Thank you all...

  10. What a cute mani. Love the Mickey mouse.

  11. Cute, cute mani!
    This is the first time I saw nail brushes. It must be great to have the right tools to unleash your creativity. Thanks for posting!

  12. cute manicure :) i love mickey !!!

  13. I have ordered nail art tools from ebay, they were so cheap there. Waiting for parcel to arrive :O)

  14. Hi Mae, thanks for your comment. Could you please share where you bought the brushes and plates and for how much? (Nangangarap ng gising, sensya na ha.)

  15. im drooling over these plates mae!can u post the multiply link pleaaaassssse!

  16. Oiii,eeuu to loca tras dessas latinhas=/ nao axo