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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hello everyone.... What can you say about my mani?
Does it look good? I named it tribal tatz... I like abstract design more than the floral designs,
so when I got home last thurs, I did this mani...
I also wanna share my new chunky ring...
I posted some pix below...
Hope you like it!!!
Thanks for viewing.. God Bless

with flash

without flash

my flower chunky ring =)

i love my mani and my ring!!! =)

What you need:
caronia gold n.p
bobby n.p
konad sp black
amisy e05
nail stamp kit , scraper

swirly cirle

my lil' sister mani....

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  1. I love all the manicures. Really nice Konad work!I also love your ring.