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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hi guys!
How's your day? I'm very excited and happy because I finally received my XL image plates.. I bought XL i.p. A,B,C,D, and I. Here are some swatches I made on a bond paper and a scanned image of the design for you guys to see... I really like them! If you zoom in on the images you will see the details of each design more clearly...:)

  • I like the idea of putting all those designs in each image plate.
  • Saves storage space and isn't bulky compared to circular plates which only contains 4 - 8 designs.
  • Well-engraved.
  • The design selections are well picked. I like all the designs.
  • the edges are sharp because there is no protective cover tape at the back. But you can always buy some protect stickers.
  • The plastic protector that comes with it is very sticky and easy to tear. It took me some time to remove all the excess marks.
  • Some images are not visible (in letter K).
  • Cleaning takes time because of the large size.
-but all in all. I like them! ☺

XL "K" sample Batman and Ghostbuster Nail art
XL "A" stamp sample
XL "A" image plate
XL "B" stamp sample
XL "B" image plate
XL "C" stamp sample
XL "C" image plate
XL "D" stamp sample
XL "D" image plate
XL "I" stamp sample
XL "I" image plate
XL "K" image plate
XL "K" sample stamp
Hope you like them! God bless


  1. This is so great!!
    Thank you!!
    I love them all!

  2. Awesome! Could you post the link of where to buy them? Thx!

  3. just like mrsrexy: where can we buy those plates!! wow !!

  4. Loving the Holiday Plate :) Where did you get them?
    Greetings Carina

  5. Wow! what nice goodies! all those images looks awesome!

  6. Hello I would love to know where to purchase these awesome plates!!! Please share your secret!! Thanks

  7. thanks for sharing! the patterns are just awesome! can i use them on short nails?

  8. hahah!!! sis, napagod ka siguro sa pag stamp ilang araw mo ito ginawa? hahaha! happy stamping!

  9. I really like image plate K!
    Your Ghostbuster design is awesome! (^__^)

  10. thanks ladies! here's the link:

    @locke- yes sis pde khit sa short nails...
    @elsa: oo nakakapagod maglinis ng plate ... hahahaha kahapon ko lang ginawa lahat sis.. hihihih
    @zarina: yup fav ko din ung K.. =)

  11. hi!!!!
    im from spain, and I want to know where did you buy this xl stamps!!
    You can answer me in my blog if you want:

    Ty!!!!! ^^

  12. I realty would like to obtain these plates, but I'm not on Facebook (and never will be) so I wonder how do one go about to purchase them?

  13. Wow! amazing All those looks amazing. I really like amazing plate! and thanks for sharing.