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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting and viewing my site... I created this blog for one particular reason... and that is "To express my affection for nail art design".. Anyway, I'm a nail art and nail polish fanatic... I'm fond of travelling, drawing, and handcrafting fashion accessories for my family and friends... I love gadgets... I'm also into digital photography and my favorite subject is my nail art designs, and of course my very cute, extremely photogenic, and genetically gifted kid. All comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all those who will visit my blog... P.S. Thank you for taking time to visit my site, and appreciating my designs... but please (if ever you will use my photos for whatever purpose, please inform me first...). All my posts are my original designs. Each design takes a lot of time, effort, and thinking... I'm sure all those who are into these stuff knows what I'm saying... Thanks again... GOD BLESS...
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Organic Overload

Hi all! Just a quick post for my notd and previous mani that I made. I'm quite busy this week my son Jaem is turning 5 years old this coming Aug.5, I'm preparing for his bday party in school.. :)
Anyway, I participated on thelacquerfiles horror-nail-art-contest, you can vote for your favorite entry just click the link above...
Here's my entry
haunted house
and some previous mani that I made.. hope you like them!

God Bless!


  1. These manicures are gorgeous! Especially that first one, I can see using that color scheme in a room in my house or something, the lime green and black and white. The horror manicure is unbelievable and I don't know how you did it!

    Happy happy birthday to your little boy! I love his name! Have a great day Mommy!

  2. thanks a bunch,I'm glad you like it.. btw,I drew the haunted house design..=) it takes a while to make it .. =)
    yay, I'm very excited on JAEM's bday..

  3. Mae, that's freaking gorgeous <3 Love it!

  4. and of course happy B-day to your son :*

  5. i love it. YAY, to being green!

  6. Awwww, Happy Birthday to Jaem! I had a super busy B-day party on Saturday for my girls. It was a blast but a lot of work.

    BTW, all of your designs are hot, especially the haunted house! I'm sure it was a lot of work. You did a great job!

  7. i love the first design with the green then again i love all your art work!

  8. go green go!!! hehehehe!! fave mona sis ung calires green ah.. hehehe!! i already voted for u..

  9. waaaaaaaaaaa..... putol putol na naman comment ko.. sis sakto sa blog theme ung mani mo ang cuteeeeeeeeeee.... XD happy bday Jaem...

  10. Those are all gorgeous, but the lime green/white/black is really gorgeous! Very graphic, and I've got such a love for lime green. (But no lime green nail polish...something is wrong with this picture!!)

    Your halloween nails are also amazing! You've got so much talent!

  11. @ all
    thank you very much for the greetings! =)
    thanks for appreciating my work! *hugs

  12. OMG so gorgeous and artistic! I love the haunted house mani =)

  13. very nice the first the colorss

  14. hello
    very nice nail designs
    you have a really pretty blog
    i added you to my blogroll
    if you don't mind, please put me to your blogroll
    thanks ^_^

  15. gorgeous and super artistic art! thumbs up!

  16. Lol for your first picture because I used this pattern this week with pink polish a litlle like you :) But for the rest of nails, it's simpler than you !! Every time you do fantastic nail art !!
    For the lacquerfiles contest, you made a very good job but I must admit that I felt in love with Nikki's horror nails :) For myself, I am very very far of you with my knife nail art ^^
    Have a good WE Mae :)

  17. thanks chelle,kory,maRyya,locke,and saori... mwaaahhh