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Friday, July 2, 2010

RAOK from Tiffani + Beautopia Prize

Hi all, I am very happy to show you guys what Tiffani of "yardsticks4lunatics" gave me...When the package arrived, I was very eager and excited to open it! and once I opened it, I was ecstatic! Wow! Look how cute the way she packed it, she included all the complete colors of moodies that I've been longing for so long... Jordana polish, kleancolor nail lacquer, most of which are not available here in our country... She also gave me Palmers lotion, one that is best for dry skin.. Cute umbrella picks, note cards, hello kitty band aid and magnetic list pad.I love all the items Tiffani gave me! You are so sweet Tiffani, I don't know how I can repay you.. I know Thank you is not enough! Thanks again.. You fill my heart with happiness! Can't wait to try it all!
These are the items that were part of the prize on beautopia Nail-Art-Contest last May... It arrived here a bit too late coz it just so happen that the package was missent to Thailand and the mail service had to sent it all the way from Thailand to the Philippines... but I'm just happy that everything turned out well... Thanks Karrie of beautopia you are so generous.. Don't forget to visit her blog..

Two packages arriving at the same time.. well, I think this is a good weekend!
happy weekend everyone! God Bless!


  1. Wow! I wish I had a good friend like that! lol

    Claire's mood might be very fun, don't forget to show us swatches with them! :D

  2. omg that alot of stuff...i love all the colors looks like ull have lots of fun with them.

  3. oh wow, those stuff looks pics of it when you managed to use them ok? i love the china glaze chrome looks sooo shiny!

  4. WOWWW what cool prizes :-)

    I love the Claire's mood polish :)

  5. Karrie rocks! :)

    Btw, loving that Kleancolor polish!

  6. WOW! i would be so happy getting two packages like that at once! have fun! ;)

  7. i can't wait to see what you will create with your new stash... have a great weekend!

  8. thats so wonderful!!!! you deserve it girl! ur awesome! ;P

  9. wow!! astig!! yay!! finally It arrived!! yay!! doping a happy dance.. I told u sis just WAIT!! LOL!! im looking forward for ur swacthes specially the FABULOUS & FUNKY!! XD

    happy polishing!!! xoxo

  10. You finally got it! Glad it found it's way to you!

  11. Oh wouw the Twinky Love is so beautiful :)