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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aquarium Inspired Mani

Hi all, I think this was the most difficult and the best mani I have ever made so far...I used different image plates, layering of colors, freehand, and sponge technique for this design... I made this mani for 1 hour... And I'm really satisfied with the result...Every time I see it, I get the feeling that I'm under the sea... I get a lot of compliments from my friends who sees it...Hope you like it! God Bless

And for those who follow my site, thank you so much... I already reached 208 followers, when i started blogging, I never thought my followers would reach this much... It has exceeded my expectations...


Orly Hang Ten
caronia white satin
blue charm 37
arezia 881 green flakes
caronia dare
caress tahiti brown
konad special polish orange and dark purple
nail art pen brush green, gold, and light green
dotting tool
nail art brush
nail art beads pink rainbow
gold and blue glitters
rhinestone blue
image plate: amisy F05 and e05, fauxnad b04,b115, and b06

Happy Earth Day! Save Our Seas.. =)


  1. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is one of the best manicure I've ever seen! gorgeous!!!

  2. OMG, this manicure is awesome!!! A true marine aquarium on the nails. Fantastic!

  3. This mani is just incredible !!!!!!! congrats for this nail art !!!! Awesome ^^

  4. OMG!!! This is amazing!!! I definitely need to try this one out!!

  5. thank you maestra,locke,saori and dollface... =)

  6. Nice... the bubbles in the glass that you're holding was a nice touch! :) Of course the nails rock!!!

  7. Geez... I want it tooo !! This is awesome....

  8. That is spectacular! *Applause*
    I really feel like watching the Little Mermaid after seeing this.

  9. girl you amaze me more and more when i see what you do. this is awesome ive never seen a aquarium that is so precise

  10. im happy you like it thank you very much...fittertwit, taninha, laura and c.lette! hugs*

  11. Wow, you really are an artist... I admire you for doing this one...

    So lively,and I agree with you that it looked very much like under the sea...

    Want to sing Ariel's Part of your World now!


  12. Ohhh Mae, excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor. THIS.IS.AWESOME. I can't help marvel. What a beautiful, beautiful mani. I agree, it is your best so far... but I wouldn't put it past you to top it soon. You're seriously talented, girl.

  13. nice.. Ive seen this kind of layering.. Ainos Glammed UP made an awesome mani like this!!

  14. @thriszha-Actually, this is my original concept and design... it's not my style to make something out of other people's work, but I know someone who likes to STEAL other people's posted nail art design...
    ***Thanks to those who admire and appreciate my designs.***

  15. all in just an hour? amazing!

  16. Wow, your mani take my breath away!