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Monday, January 25, 2010

First Year of Existence

Hi, I made a manicure design for Parokeets' 1st birthday. Congratulations to Parokeets! I enjoyed doing it... First, I thought of a concept that best suits the theme that she's asking for, and the first thing that came into my mind is the mixed color combination of parokeets emblem, blue, green, yellow, and red.
Very lively color that can be used for birthday, I drew the parrot in my middle finger, and balloons for my thumb's design...I call my nail art "First Year of Existence".

Hope you like it.. and pls vote for my entry.. thank you...
I used:
amisy yellow
caress tahiti brown and snow white
two way nail art pen and brush light blue and green
elf black # 80612
bnc #711 neon yellow and # 09 neon green
sally hansen #27 so poppy

God Bless


  1. Wow this is awesome! Great design!

  2. OMG! We have a winner! I don't know what other manis look like, but this one is WOW!

  3. That is stunning! Just the parokeets-type! Great job

  4. this is so cool..ewan ko nlanf kapag di ka pa nanalo..hehehe good luck sissy...wag lang sana voting.. kundi alam na..wala muna akong plan sumali sa mga contest.. puro polish lang naman eh.. ang dami ko ng polish.. lalo na now.. may nakita akong polish d2.. nice naman ung quality...pause muna ako sa pagsali ng ok na lemming polish ko and i have more 10 chez-delaney fauxnad plates to come..yay!!give chance muna ako sa other new blogger 2tal 3 times na kong nanalo ng contest..hehehe saka sa dami ng polish ko.. baka maover load na naman pagahe ko pag uwi ko ng pinas...LOL!! good luck sis!! for sure panalo kana...

  5. I love this! The colors are so fun :)

  6. I can't believe you did that parrot freehand! This is so cute!

  7. Wow that's very nice, congratulations on a to-die-for mad nail art skillz! Seriously, kapatid!

  8. @kirsten- thank you kirsten =)
    @nihrida- yay, thanks, vote for me.. hehehe
    @gildedangel- thanks sweety
    @konadomania- thanks you! (hugs)
    @thriszha- waahh oo nga dami mo na n.p.. hehehevote mo ako sis.. hehehe pag ndi ka sumali...
    @alina-thanks =)
    @moodpuppet- it took more than 30mins, ;( to perfect my parrot design.. =)

    @jo.frougal-thanks sis..
    @brooke-thank you so much...

    thank you so much ladies! mwaaahhh...
    and dont forget to vote for my entry!

  9. Thank you for this fantastic manicure. All of us loved it.
    Voting is now open. ;)

  10. thank you gejba, im so glad you like it.. =)
    thanks again,.,.,