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Monday, February 17, 2014


Hi guys, I'm excited and surprised! Guess what? I received the package from Simply Spoiled way earlier than what I'm expecting..yay!!! Thank you very much Savanna for a super fast shipping and for the very sweet note enclosed in the package... I'm so happy ... Btw, Here are the items included in the package.. L.A girl polka dot nail art collection (dizzy dots) including 3 L.A girl nail polish (4.5ml each), dotting tool in two different sizes ( that can create large and small dot patterns on nails ), 1 nail art pen (black) and some fimo canes..

Here's the first thing that came into my mind.. Not a typical dot pattern but a Neon Leopard. 
Here's the step by step tutorial (check out the pictures for reference).

1. I used white nail polish for my base coat. (I used white base coat because I'm going to stamp the la girls nail polish just look at the photo and the next step..) 2. Using the nail art protective film (the blue one in the picture), or you can just use any plastic sheet, I applied the l.a nail polish on the film horizontally... 3. I used a stamper to pick the 3 color polish 
4. And stamped it directly on nails.. 5. I used the nail art pen afterwards, I created an uneven square that looks like leopard prints.. 6. I used the dotting tool included in L.A Girls kit to fill the leopard design with colors ..
*For my accent nail design (leopard face) I made it using advanced stamping technique (image plate XXL H) Top coat from (seche vite)

Here's my neon leopard. Hope you like it!!

P.S Simply spoiled Beauty offers 30% discount for your entire purchase. just use the code MAE plus 5$ flat rate shipping fee.. visit simplyspoiledbeauty, they have lots of stuff to choose from..
L.A Girls + dotting tool (POLKADOTS NAIL ART COLLECTION) Generalization: Easy nail art kit Easy to use and has fun attractive colors
Nail art pen (BLACK NAIL ART PEN)
Easy to use Has different colors to choose from Affordable


  1. wow loved this nail art. Leopard face painted on accent nail is superb

  2. Nail art application depends on the mood you have. I like this kind of leopard style of art in different colors. Am eye catching design. Nice post!

  3. Your nail art is colorfully wild. The art is very innovative and the leopard's face is flawless. Great work. Keep us amazing with your innovations :)
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