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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting and viewing my site... I created this blog for one particular reason... and that is "To express my affection for nail art design".. Anyway, I'm a nail art and nail polish fanatic... I'm fond of travelling, drawing, and handcrafting fashion accessories for my family and friends... I love gadgets... I'm also into digital photography and my favorite subject is my nail art designs, and of course my very cute, extremely photogenic, and genetically gifted kid. All comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all those who will visit my blog... P.S. Thank you for taking time to visit my site, and appreciating my designs... but please (if ever you will use my photos for whatever purpose, please inform me first...). All my posts are my original designs. Each design takes a lot of time, effort, and thinking... I'm sure all those who are into these stuff knows what I'm saying... Thanks again... GOD BLESS...
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Monday, May 23, 2011


Hi guys, Good morning! I made a nail art yesterday, but I haven't got time to upload it because of my busy sched.. I made a milksnake manicure using bm215, my second design using new bundle monster image plate.. Here's a bit of trivia about the milksnake..

The milk snake or milksnake (Lampropeltis triangulum; French: Couleuvre tachetée; Spanish: Culebra-real coralillo, Lithuanian: Pieninė gyvatė)[1] is a species of king snake. There are 25 subspecies among the milk snakes, including the commonly named scarlet kingsnake (L. t. elapsoides).[1] The subspecies have strikingly different appearance, and many of them have their own common names. Some authorities suggest that this species may be split into several separate species.[1]
Milk snakes grow 20 to 60 inches (51 to 150 cm) long.[1] They have smooth and shiny scales and their typical color pattern is alternating bands of red-black-yellow or white-black-red. [1] However, red blotches instead of bands are seen in some populations.[1] Some milk snakes have a striking resemblance to coral snakes and this mimicry (known asBatesian mimicry) likely scares away potential predators.

Hope you like it! God bless you all!


  1. @DesertNails8: thank you.. ☺

  2. Its a bird, it's a its awesome nails!!!

  3. Really looks like a milksnake....scary but looks pretty on nails......Great job as always.....

  4. I absolutely love it ! They are so beautiful .

  5. were wonderful ... I Loved!