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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting and viewing my site... I created this blog for one particular reason... and that is "To express my affection for nail art design".. Anyway, I'm a nail art and nail polish fanatic... I'm fond of travelling, drawing, and handcrafting fashion accessories for my family and friends... I love gadgets... I'm also into digital photography and my favorite subject is my nail art designs, and of course my very cute, extremely photogenic, and genetically gifted kid. All comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all those who will visit my blog... P.S. Thank you for taking time to visit my site, and appreciating my designs... but please (if ever you will use my photos for whatever purpose, please inform me first...). All my posts are my original designs. Each design takes a lot of time, effort, and thinking... I'm sure all those who are into these stuff knows what I'm saying... Thanks again... GOD BLESS...
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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hi, sorry for the late post, been busy these past few days, because of my weekly check up with my doctor, and I'm glad to announce , my baby is a Boy!
Anyway, here's my NOTD last week, I call it, "Hang Ten Logo Adaptation" .... It's originally designed by Miss Nessa of sassestampingstampede, after I asked permission from her.

I used Tahiti brown caress local brand nail polish for the base coat, konad white special polish for the stamp, and I used amisy a03 image plate.
Here is the original design by Ms. Nessa... of "sassestampingstampede"
Your color combination made the footprint stunning!
And here is my Hang ten logo adaptation...
with flash
Hope you like it! God Bless

and some of my random pics includes, my latest ultra sound, my new chunky ring, and souvenir made in Egypt....

thanks Jologs.. oh i forgot to post the blue green necklace..

Monday, October 5, 2009

STAMP (mix pix2)

Here's my other nail art compilation.
hope you like it! =)

base coat: super finished french white
amisy a03 i.p.
konad s.p. black
koand s.p. green

base coat: super finished french white
octagon fauxnad m02 i.p.
amisy blue s.p.

base coat: bobby holo light pink
konad i.p m73
konad s.p. dark violet

base coat: caress snow white
konad m73 i.p.
konad s.p. black

base coat: wet n wild
konad m60 i.p.
konad s.p. dark violet

base coat: sally hansen #12 violet sparks
konad m60 i.p.
two way nail art pen lavander

base coat: elf bubble gum pink # 80612
b08 fauxnad i.p
b26 fauxnad i.p
konad s.p. dark violet
konad s.p green

base coat: bnc neon yellow
b20 fauxnad i.p.
b88 fauxnad i.p.
konad s.p black
konad s.p green

base coat: posh neon green
konad m55 i.p.
konad s.p. orange
green nail art pen

base coat: wet n' wild pink petal
konad m57 i.p.
konad s.p. green
koand s.p. dark violet

base coat: loreal jet-set quick dry sans toluene et
amisy i.p f05
konad s.p black
konad s.p red

hope you like 'em! God Bless